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  • What is the ROI of a Loyal Customer?

    … We’ve kicked off a new engagement with enterprise customer success experts, Bolstra. Bolstra is a software solution (SaaS) provider for Business to Business companies looking to increase their recurring revenue by reducing churn and identifying upsell opportunities. Their solution, with built-in best practices, helps your company drive…

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  • Why Retargeting Providers Don’t Help You Deliver Net New Revenue

    Here are two gripes that unify all marketers: First, there’s limited time to accomplish the tasks at hand, and second, as marketing efforts advance the list of tasks gets longer every year. Lack of time and an expanding workload have given rise to specialized services that help make a marketer’s life easier by removing the burden of being responsible for every function in the marketing funnel.

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  • 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business

    … marketing in just 15 minutes each day? Join us for a FREE webinar: How to Create a Social Media Strategy That Isn’t a Waste of Time. Let’s look at three ways you can use social media to grow your business: 1. Increase awareness Social media is one of the best ways to grow your business, getting it in front of new and existing customers online. Just…

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  • Blue Sparrow Pilates — Small Biz Stories, Episode 15

    … Holly Furgason is motivated by many things, but comfort isn’t one of them. As the owner of Blue Sparrow Pilates, Holly has learned how to overcome major challenges — from dissolving a business partnership to weathering a major financial crisis. Listen as she shares what it takes to keep a business running for over a decade and how to build…

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  • What is Email Marketing? (And How to Get Started)

    … Your customers wake up every morning and check their email. Through the course of their day, they’ll spend an average of 6.3 hours reading around 88 emails. Shouldn’t your business be among them? Sending out a marketing email isn’t difficult, but you have to think about it a little differently than you would if it was a personal email. Below…

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  • Customer success: 3 Off-beat tools for small businesses

    … powerful forces in marketing. One major focus of your advertising strategy should be to reduce the friction for a customer to share your product with their friends. Early on, we noticed that our customers, despite signing in with their Facebook accounts, were more likely to share a link to our platform through Twitter. So as an experiment, we added…

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  • How to Instantly Increase Engagement in Your Emails

    … When you head up the marketing for a division of the nation’s oldest plumbing and heating manufacturer, you need to hold on to your customer base. For Sheena McDeavitt, Director of Marketing for Hajoca Harrisburg, this means using Constant Contact’s email marketing to increase engagement, sales, and repeat business. “The biggest benefit…

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  • Felix the Cook — Small Biz Stories, Episode 14

    …? Listen as Barbara shares her best secrets for attracting and delighting clients. Find us on Stitcher You can also read the transcript below: Small Biz Stories is brought to you by Constant Contact. Constant Contact is committed to helping small businesses and nonprofits connect to new and existing customers with email marketing. You can be a marketer…

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  • The Myths and Realities of Owning a Family Business

    … Mom & Pop businesses are at the heart of American culture. However, many misconceptions still persist when it comes to family business. They aren’t just the small general stores found along rural country roads. They are major drivers of jobs and economic growth, essential for a thriving economy. Check out our infographic below to separate…

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  • Cutting Edge Capital — Small Biz Stories, Episode 13

    … small businesses and nonprofits connect to new and existing customers with email marketing. You can be a marketer, all it takes is Constant Contact. Find out more at Brian: And there’s something kind of amazing that happens when you really believe in what you’re doing. If you’re just doing a job, and you’re working hard for a long…

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  • How to Measure Email Marketing Beyond Opens and Clicks

    … Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring new customers. (McKinsey) 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message. (Direct Marketing Association) As good as the information above looks, you may struggle to understand how email marketing impacts your business. Ask yourself: What do you want your emails to do…

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  • Want to Be a Better Email Marketer? Make Your Customer the Hero

    … hero What’s the first thing you want readers to see when they open your email? An eye-catching image of your customer accomplishing a heroic feat. In the email above, Bob featured an image of motorcycle road race winner, Danny Eslick. “The most compelling image I’ve found so far is a person enjoying the use of the product,” Bob says. “And if you…

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  • How to Keep Your Business Competitive With Email Marketing

    ….” With increased competition, Matt knew he needed a way to transform his studio into a booming business. That’s when he got serious about using Constant Contact’s email marketing to grow and engage his customer base. “If we didn’t have Constant Contact, we might not still be in business,” Matt says. “2014 and early 2015 were really tough times…

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