Customer Surveys

  • 4 Tools to Get You Closer to Your Customers

    … and Moments of Truth – Where Customer Loyalty Begins (or Ends) 3. Customer List Segmentation Know your customers, particularly the loyal ones you want to retain. With customer relationship management software—or just a spreadsheet if you’re diligent—you can tag customers by a few key markers, such as frequent shoppers or big spenders (or used to be big…

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  • Surveys: Learn What Makes Customers “Completely Satisfied”

    … Surveys: Learn What Makes Customers “Completely Satisfied” September 18, 2015 - Posted by Jeff B. Copeland to CRM/ Local Marketing You should ask customers face to face how you’re doing. You should watch Facebook and Yelp for compliments and complaints. But if you want to get a more organized look at customer satisfaction, with learning…

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  • Boost Your CRO Wins With This Heatmap & Survey Combo

    … startup or digital marketer, you can glean valuable insights from site visitors with intel you simply couldn’t get otherwise. And with FourEyes surveys, you can supercharge your surveys with advanced data mining at the click of a button, which automatically finds the insights you’d otherwise have to use multiple data crunching tools to get. So…

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