Customer Surveys

  • 4 Tools to Get You Closer to Your Customers

    … an appointment. Learn more: Customer Journey Mapping for Small Business 2. Touchpoints and Moments of Truth Analysis Think of this as a complement or an alternative to customer journey mapping. Each moment that a customer sees your advertising or passes your store or looks over a bill is a touchpoint, one of many incidents that add up to a total…

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  • Surveys: Learn What Makes Customers “Completely Satisfied”

    … Surveys: Learn What Makes Customers “Completely Satisfied” September 18, 2015 - Posted by Jeff B. Copeland to CRM/ Local Marketing You should ask customers face to face how you’re doing. You should watch Facebook and Yelp for compliments and complaints. But if you want to get a more organized look at customer satisfaction, with learning…

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  • Boost Your CRO Wins With This Heatmap & Survey Combo

    …. Here’s what she did to take Crazy Egg’s landing page to the next level. (Hint: She combined heatmaps and surveys.) (Double hint: That’s what this post will teach you to do, too.) Joanna started by assessing Crazy Egg’s new long-form page, asking questions that only a mix of quantitative and qualitative research could answer: Was the long-form…

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