A custom car is a passenger vehicle that has been substantially modified in either of the following two ways a custom car may be altered to improve its performance, often by altering or replacing the engine and transmission a custom car may be a personal "styling" statement, making the car look unlike any car as delivered from the factory. Although the two are related, custom cars are distinct from hot rods. The extent of this difference has been the subject of debate among customizers and rodders for decades. Additionally, a street rod can be considered a custom.
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  • Creative Ad Copy Still Matters

    … In late 2014 Google announced several tools meant for larger and more sophisticated digital advertisers who manage multiple or large-scale accounts. One of these tools is known as “Ad Customizers”, and it is the first in a series of advanced tools for enterprise advertisers that Google plans on releasing over the next several months. Google’s…

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  • The Top 10 AdWords Features of 2014

    … look forward to Google fleshing this option out in the future and hopefully making it easier for beginner advertisers to deploy! Recommended by: @szetela 4. Ad Customizers Google gave advertisers an early Christmas gift December 11 with the release of Ad Customizers, which automatically tailor ad messaging to the full context of a user search…

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  • Using AdWords Scripts Like A Boss

    We’ve warned you of the potential dangers of using Automatic Bidding, but I know the yearning for a hands-off approach to managing your account cannot be squelched so quickly. I mean who wouldn’t want a way to tell AdWords to adjust your bids based on specific metrics of account performance or alert you to poor performing elements in your account? So, we give you AdWords Script ...

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  • Supercharge your Adwords Ads with Ad Customizers

    … an Adwords Script combined with ad parameters to do this job for you. While effective, there’s the issue that unless you’re comfortable with coding, the barrier to entry for these methods can be a little high (not to mention scary). Enter Ad Customizer. Ad Customizer is a relatively recent release by Google that allows you to drop in custom parameters…

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  • New AdWords Ad Customizers: Increase Conversions & Save Time

    … in prices, dates, colours, sizes and much more. Unlike standard DKI, Ad Customizers pull in the data from a spreadsheet which the advertiser creates. The spreadsheet will be explained in more detail later in this post. When Is It Best To Use AdWords Ad Customizers? Ad Customizers can pull in any kind of data, because it is you who names the customizers…

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  • How to Unleash The Power of AdWords Ad Customizers

    Since the announcement in 2012 that all Google shopping feed clicks would be charged, shopping spend and product capabilities have significantly increased. According to the Rimm Kaufman Group’s Q2 2014 digital marketing report, Google Shopping ads accounted for 26% of all Google search clicks. Shopping ads continue to be an attention grabber for searchers.

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  • Shared Business Data: Data Feeds Come to Adwords Ads

    … coded ads with a new ad going live every day. This was a management headache and also reset your ad performance data each day. Ability to change your ad without resetting performance is another interesting use of these ads. Say you are a women’s clothing retailer and you simply change your ads seasonally to say “Fall’s Hottest Fashion” instead…

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