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Deal-of-the-day (also called flash sales or one deal a day) is an ecommerce business model in which a website offers a single product for sale for a period of 24 to 36 hours. Potential customers register as members of the deal-a-day websites and receive online offers and invitations by email or social networks.As of 2011, deal-of-the-day sites have continued to grow in popularity, although new concerns have arisen over the longevity of the concept and the financial viability of one-day deals for small businesses.
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  • FiveStars Digs Deeper Into Customer Data to Get Beyond ‘Loyalty’

    … and CEO Victor Ho, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West on June 7th in San Francisco, about the efficiency of retention marketing, the shift from daily deals to digital loyalty programs, and what analyzing the trove of SMB consumer data can potentially yield. The rise of a lot of digital loyalty programs occurred in the wake…

    Street Fight- 17 readers -
  • Considering a Groupon? 5 Pitfalls You Must Avoid

    … A friend lives in a townhouse and it’s about time to pressure wash the exteriors. The homeowner association got a few bids, but one owner spied a Groupon deal, which would have been significantly less expensive. He tried, unsuccessfully, to talk all the other owners into jumping on the deal. Had he been successful, imagine what the owner…

    Susan Solovic/ Constant Contact- 12 readers -
  • Street Fight Daily: Carmakers Rethink Dashboards, GrubHub’s Growth Prospects

    … planners are finding new ways to address inefficiencies, leveraging connected technology to create smarter hubs that work for city dwellers. The dynamic use of knowledge to improve both the utilization of scarce resources and a higher quality of life for its citizens is the hallmark of a smart city. A Founder Departs In 2014 At Daily Deal Pioneer…

    Street Fight- 10 readers -
  • Bustle CEO: Facebook will ‘come crashing down’ for publishers

    …, it will hopefully lead to another raise. Has all the venture capital in publishing created a bubble? No. Uber and Airbnb are good businesses, but a lot of the business venture capitalists invested in in recent years, such as daily deals and Zynga, haven’t delivered. So venture capitalists are seeing that digital media is a valuable investment. It has a great…

    John Mcdermott/ Digidayin Social- 12 readers -
  • Why Pat Sajak Wants to Power Hyperlocal Daily Deals for SMBs

    … American Deals, a daily deal company that franchisees its brand and technology to local entrepreneurs, to help the firm stand out in an increasingly competitive daily deals market. The company, which was founded by Michael Silber, a friend of Sajak’s, expanded nationally this summer, taking the franchise beyond the seven California markets in which…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Twitter- 9 readers -
  • It may be time to drop your annual marketing strategy

    … as a successful source of blog traffic. Instagram has become a popular way to promote recipes in the last few months. Snapchat is now being used to deliver daily deals and coupons. I even heard of new ways the dating site match.com is being cleverly used as a social media marketing channel! My point is, if we are locked into any kind of a long-term…

    {grow}in Social Twitter- 9 readers -
  • 5 Tips for the Aspiring Hyperlocal Publisher

    … for this are multiple, but typically contain a combination of lack of time, skills or interest. Not everyone is as happy coding a website, selling banner ads or developing a daily deals portfolio, as they are writing copy or digging out a great story. This is where your audience can be both your champion and your friend. Developing links with your…

    Street Fightin Social Twitter- 7 readers -
  • 5 charts: What keeps email marketers awake at night?

    … quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality Whether they’re delivering a morning news feed, daily deals or flash sales, all email marketers rely on compelling content. Being swift without sacrificing quality is a top priority: It’s not just a matter of writing the great headlines; newsletters must boast beautiful designs that are responsive…

    Digidayin EMail- 16 readers -
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