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  • 3 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your AdWords Scripts

    … Don’t want to take the time to learn Javascript? Not a problem! Anyone brave enough to navigate AdWords has the skills to make these simple changes to any AdWords Script. In my previous post I wrote a non-threatening introduction for those interested in tweaking scripts without having to rely on a programmer. Here at Hanapin get loads…

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Customize AdWords Scripts

    …. From the picture: the sendMail method is one of the functions belonging to the MailApp object. Iterator: An Iterator is an object that knows how to access items from a collection one at a time. In JavaScript an iterator is an object that provides a .next() method which returns the next item in the sequence. Still with me? It gets easier. Trust me…

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  • Save An Hour A Day With 4 Easy To Use AdWords Scripts!

    … Scripts Library and paste the code into the editor area: Note: Delete below place holder code “function main() { }” in the editor before placing a new script in the editor. New scripts are pasted Here: 4. (Optional) Set email address/s the spreadsheet URL is sent to. You can add as many emails as needed, just insert a comma between addresses…

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