• All-American and CEO Jeremy Bloom Discusses Integrate

      Unique amongst his industry peers, CEO Jeremy Bloom had an incredible career as a professional athlete. He’s a Hall-of-Fame inductee, three-time world champion, two-time Olympian and eleven-time World Cup gold medalist. If that’s not enough, Jeremy was an All-American at the University of Colorado and a 5th round draft to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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    • 5 Marketing Budget Mistakes to Avoid

      One of the most shared infographics we did was speaking to SaaS Marketing Budgets and exactly what percent of total revenue some companies were spending to maintain and acquire market share. By setting your marketing budget to an overall percentage of revenue, it provides your marketing team to incrementally increase demand as your sales team requires it.

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    • ‘They need new blood’: Wells Fargo is in another reputational crisis

      Wells Fargo has found itself in the midst of yet another PR fire — a minor flareup compared to last year’s phony accounts scandal, but a cringeworthy development nevertheless. On Monday, the bank disclosed that earlier this month the bank had “inadvertently” released a trove of confidential data about at least 50,000 of its wealthiest clients in an email exchange between lawyers.

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  • Video: The Need for Site Speed

    … Ever thought about how important page speed actually is? In this video I explain why we you need to be more mindful of page load speed and the impact it can have on site performance, as well as brand reputation. Find out how we use page load speed data to drive insight, action, and change. …

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  • [Webinar Highlights] How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media

    … Today we hosted a webinar with Socedo: How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media. This webinar focused on the ability of social media to touch the entire sales funnel—as long as you are strategic about social intent data and guiding customers through appropriately. Lucy Hitz Head of MarComm, Simply Measured Aseem Badshah CEO & Founder…

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  • The Retail Bubble: How to Survive and Thrive with Digital Innovation

    … somewhat, while another 19% said it significantly increases their intent to buy. Now is the time to invest in technology to combine your content, data, and business logic to bypass these long cycles and use variables such as location, store hours, time of day, and weather to deliver personalized content in real time through all of your digital channels…

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  • Video: Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    … The General Data Protection Regulation is due to be enforced in just under a year (25th of May 2018). Those who fail to meet regulations could be hit with hefty punishments, so it’s important you understand it. In this video I explain what it is and how it could impact your business. …

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  • A Rant About Marketing Attribution…

    … Everyone seems to be talking about marketing attribution, but does anyone really know how to do it? I discuss why I think it can be problematic and pose the question: is this really the best use of our time, attention and resource in 2017…

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  • What it will take to make digital identity real

    … The biggest problem with digital identity is that it’s sort of just a pain in the ass. As banks, governments and e-commerce giants try to solve the issue of customers having account overload and password amnesia, the problem becomes that security is just inconvenient: there are so many required security specs for passwords, are many different…

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