• LiveRamp Advances Data Identity Resolution in a Safe Place

      The data marketplace is nothing new, according to Benjamin Webb, head of data supply for identity resolution company LiveRamp. It’s the way that Acxiom company LiveRamp looks at the data marketplace a little differently that makes it uniquely valuable, Webb told Street Fight in a recent interview.

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    • 7 Ways to Use Data Successfully in Your Email Marketing

      Email marketers are well-aware of the importance of data-driven triggered emails, such as welcome and cart-abandonment messages. And we know how to leverage data like recipients’ names and interests. But some email marketers are discovering ways to use data in new and different ways. “Used strategically, data can help you get smarter with your marketing,” writes Ritika Puri at WordStream.

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  • FactGem: Integrate Data Sources in Minutes…No Code Required!

    …” reports. They query one silo and copy the results to excel, query another silo and paste data over and over. They repeat this process until they have something that represents the report they so desperately want to create. This type of reporting is slow, manual, unreliable, and error prone! Most organizations concede that the tools and technologies…

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  • 4 Ways to Track Traditional Local Media Using Digital

    … is, digital and traditional can work together. Traditional efforts often drive users to search engines, websites and social media platforms. If you own the SERP for your brand, you’ll be able to control what the user sees as they respond to your traditional media campaigns. Traditional Is Still a Driver of Consumer Actions On an average day, at least 40…

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  • News Round-up: Personalization, Customer Data, and Video Power

    … of a longer successful subject line is, ‘For a Limited Time Save Over $874 on a Bowflex TreadClimber Machine’ at 69 characters. The amount of savings listed here is key to enticing subscribers to open the email. “ Accurate data key to effective personalization The last thing an email marketer wants to do is irritate the people who receive…

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  • Emergency Alert: We Need to Rethink Content Strategy

    … Netflix drives how we think about so much: dating, friendship, introversion, internet memes. But I’m a total dork, so when I think of Netflix, the first thing I focus on is content strategy. In a book I co-wrote with Contently founder Shane Snow that’s being published this fall 1, we write about Netflix’s foray into original programming. In 2011…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin Social Content- 17 readers -
  • 5 tips to create a data-driven content marketing strategy

    … Content marketing has become the secret weapon in a successful marketing strategy, with brands using different types of content to add value and grab their audience’s attention. It has become more important than ever to market with intent, using content and SEO to raise awareness, engage and convert. Conversion, in particular, is one…

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  • A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist

    … As of today, 40,427 people have the title of content strategist on LinkedIn. Another 1,389 open roles await the right candidate. And according to recent research from The Creative Group, content strategists currently hold one of the top-paying jobs in the tech and creative fields. Strategists typically earn between $81,000 and $115,000, a jump…

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  • Candid Feedback and the Future of the Freelance Marketplace

    … in line.) AirBnB’s ratings system is a mandatory component to build trust with their customers. So why don’t we see similar ratings in creative industries? Wouldn’t more feedback help ensure quality in a marketplace economy? When selecting someone for creative work, it’s rare to find data that helps an employer or buyer know what to expect. Sure…

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  • Attribution and Measurement  is Creating a Data Management Arms Race

    … to a March 2017 comScore study, not including digital desktop time such as during the workday. The mobile time spent is often filling time for the consumer – during a commute, waiting for a friend or a phone call or an elevator. To access that time, Staas says, companies need richer data. “We use location data as a foundational signal, but we do a lot…

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  • 2018 Email Marketing Forecast: Data, Micro-Moments, and Intelligence

    … What will email marketing look like next year? We think it will be more data-driven, it will increasingly hone in on micro-moments and that content will be smarter than ever. Here’s a deeper dive into those predictions: Campaigns will become even more data-driven While sheer instinct was likely responsible for more than one successful early email…

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  • How Facebook Could Force Brands to Pivot to Video

    … Scroll and Blendle—subscription platforms that offer publishers an alternative to the traditional advertising model most places use to scrape by. Video is the greener grass on the other side of the fence right now, but if all publishers ditch text for the moving image, then we’ll just end up in a similar position when everyone catches up. Eventually…

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  • Banks are falling behind when it comes to understanding — and using — data

    …. But with the shift to open banking systems and the integration of AI technologies, banks will soon look to emulate the monetization models of companies like Facebook and Amazon to create incentives for customers to generate more data and new types of data. “Banks are just starting to think about data as a revenue source,” said Bradley Leimer, head…

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  • How to ensure you ask the right questions of your data

    … time, and with only so many hours in the day to use your data effectively, you need to become really skilled at knowing what questions to ask when analyzing results so you find answers that are actionable and relevant. Let’s go through some ways you can get better at this. 1. Have the right objectives and KPIs established before your team begins…

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  • Hiya and Samsung Turn the Phone Dialer Into a Local Search Engine

    …” and “Contacts”. From a local business perspective, the service from data tech company Hiya is changing the way consumers perform local search. “When you buy a new Samsung device, the phone just does more than the iPhone or any other Android,” says Mayur Kamat, Hiya’s VP of product. “Without downloading or installing anything, the user can call…

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