Data Driven Marketing

  • Data-Driven Marketing from Mad Men to Rabbit Holes

    … a new technology and what problem they’re trying to solve before they make any buying decisions. Once they know what they need, it’s imperative to have the right resources to successfully implement and manage that program. Know Why You’re Collecting Data Before You Start Data can drive marketing results in ways that were previously unheard…

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  • Individualized Marketing: Myths vs. Realities

    …-driven marketing—the strategy of collecting, connecting and analyzing large amounts of online and offline data, so that cross-channel insights can be used to create interactions tailored to each customer, at his or her point of need and in real-time. Our research showed that nine out of the 10 marketers we surveyed consider individualized marketing…

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  • Personalization Isn’t the Future of Marketing

    … individualized insights to drive more meaningful marketing will begin to separate pretenders from contenders as we move into the future. The only way to make the jump, though, is to look at implementing a data-driven marketing solution. Employing a steadfast marketing automation tool will help to transform your internal marketing processes, your customer communications and your digital marketing strategy from one of personalization to true individualization. …

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  • Content Marketing Obsession Puts the Pressure on Publishers

    … request basis delivered as a PDF. Search Engine Journal is an excellent example of a well-designed, all-encompassing media kit. The Advertise page is effectively designed to segment the wide attributes of their audience, calling specific attention to the largest categories. Audience Intelligence Reports Break the Mold Just this month, the B2B…

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  • Why You Only Need Real-Time Digital Marketing Tools

    … just completed research on gated content and its contribution to lead generation. The data says that for every 10 percent increase in the gated-to-free content ratio, the conversion rate increases by four percent. Say you abide by the data and start writing more gated content. This would take weeks, at best, before the new content is live. Doing…

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  • How eBay is Leading The e-Commerce Marketing Revolution

    … you want, when you want it—almost biogenetically engineered to serve your every online shopping need—it’s because they’re built to do just that. eBay’s “Customer DNA,” the company’s central data repository and customer relationship management (CRM) center, was engineered with one specific goal in mind—to provide more personal and relevant outbound…

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  • Content Marketing’s 3rd Era: When Guessing Isn’t Good Enough

    … of big data and semantic analysis. By analyzing the existing conversations taking place across all mediums – offline & online news, blogs, social media – you can see what people are talking about, what’s influential and resonating and which of those themes are influencing your audience of buyers. You need to create content your audience wants…

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