Data Driven Marketing

  • Data-Driven Marketing from Mad Men to Rabbit Holes

    … a new technology and what problem they’re trying to solve before they make any buying decisions. Once they know what they need, it’s imperative to have the right resources to successfully implement and manage that program. Know Why You’re Collecting Data Before You Start Data can drive marketing results in ways that were previously unheard…

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  • Content Typologies: Give Your Readers The Stories They Want

    … in response. We’re a big advocate of understanding which stories are actually driving brand-centric metrics like purchase intent and brand sentiment. Once you know what content drives powerful metrics like that, you can create all the more of it, and produce stories that not only your audience wants to see, but makes them all the more likely to do…

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  • Individualized Marketing: Myths vs. Realities

    … consistent with it remains a problem. Data-driven marketing and individualization shouldn’t be driving one campaign, channel or platform at a time; it needs to be driving your entire strategy to create consistency and a true omni-channel experience. Myth: “I can get started on this next year.” Reality: As I mentioned above, 90 percent of marketers…

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  • Personalization Isn’t the Future of Marketing

    …. Plainly, personalization as we’re used to is simply making customers numb. Personalized marketing is not dead – it’s still a viable and valuable perspective to use as a starting point. And, granted, some personalization is better than none at all. But moving your marketing strategy into the future means adapting your approach from one of personalization…

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  • Content Marketing Obsession Puts the Pressure on Publishers

    … Publisher Network RevResponse released a new audience analytics tool for all publishers. Available directly in the publisher’s dashboard, Audience Intelligence Reports provide an on-demand profile of their audience with data points such as industry, job area, job level, company size and geographic location—never before seen in the space and typically only…

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  • Why You Only Need Real-Time Digital Marketing Tools

    … digital marketing tools and solutions that it can be hard to grasp where to even begin shopping and evaluating, let alone making a purchase decision. Allow me to offer a starting point: For every tool that you’re going to purchase (even just to try), its output must be in real-time. There are two reasons for this real-time approach: 1. People…

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  • How eBay is Leading The e-Commerce Marketing Revolution

    … Published 4 days ago 252 I look up at the clock and realize I’ve been surfing eBay, hypnotically engaged yet directionless for the past two hours. And I realize that what began as a quick search for a ball cap has turned into much more than that—a pleasantly surprising, almost-too-conveniently constructed browsing session of everything I…

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  • Content Marketing’s 3rd Era: When Guessing Isn’t Good Enough

    … as applicable to them. Remember: Content marketing without data is just content. Data allows marketers to create a repeatable, predictable strategy that’s transformative and guarantees you a voice in your buyer’s journey. To read more about big data for content marketing, check out Appinions’ latest whitepaper, “Data-Driven Content Marketing.” …

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