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  • What should be Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017

    Marketing is always a hot topic in business, especially digital marketing, given the fact that the internet changes very quickly and new trends emerge every few months. Additionally, digital marketing has never been better, and if done correctly, it can pay off multiple times. This is why everyone is online today and wants to promote products, services, or organizations on the web. 12 readers -
  • Attribution and Measurement  is Creating a Data Management Arms Race

    … IoT’s Sweeney says that what’s happening with companies expanding data management platforms is having another effect. “This is really interesting, I think, what is going on with the DMP [Data Management Platform] side,” Sweeney says. “I think it’s so obvious what’s happening right now. These big companies, Google, Facebook, now Snapchat, they all…

    Street Fight- 15 readers -
  • Data Quality and Analytics – Optimize What Goes In, Benefit from What Comes Out

    … Generating accurate visualizations of the performance of a business takes accurate information. Businesses with multiple systems and large stores of data often struggle with: Duplicate, yet inconsistent information Out-of-date records Junk data, including falsified, or unverified content Missing information If you can scrub your data…

    Relevance- 33 readers -
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