Data Model

In software engineering, the term data model is used in two related senses. In the sense covered by this article, it is a description of the objects represented by a computer system together with their properties and relationships; these are typically "real world" objects such as products, suppliers, customers, and orders. In the second sense, covered by the article database model, it means a collection of concepts and rules used in defining data models: for example the relational model uses relations and tuples, while the network model uses records, sets, and fields.
Posts about Data Model
  • 5 Prescriptions For A Healthy Customer Data Plan

    … between the personas they’ve spent the time and effort to create – and the verification of those personas against who is actually visiting. 2) Develop a healthy regimen: Segment and prioritize your audiences. Once the marketer has the gaps needed to marry the content with its consumption, the next step is designing a data model that continually…

    Robert Rose/ Content Marketing Institute- 19 readers -
  • How Facebook Sped Up News Feed on iOS

    … on? To figure it out, we added instrumentation to each step in the process of loading News Feed — network, parsing, data processing, layout calculations and view creation. What we found surprised us — the problem was in our data model layer. With each passing release, the time it took to create and query model objects was longer and longer. Only…

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  • VIDEOS: Facebook’s @Scale 2014, Data Track

    Anshul Jaiswal, Engineering Manager at Facebook; Weizhe Shi, Software Engineer at Facebook and Will Wirth, Product Analyst at Facebook Facebook has grown tremendously on mobile. In this talk we’ll discuss how realtime mobile analytics helped accelerate the growth by enabling faster feedback loops du ...

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  • RTB’s fatal flaw is it’s too slow

    Jonathan Mendez is CEO of Yieldbot, an intent-based ad platform. I have some bad news for real-time bidding. The Web is getting faster, and RTB is about to be left behind. Now, 120 milliseconds is becoming too long to make the necessary computations prior to page load that many of today’s systems have been built around.

    Digiday- 7 readers -
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