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    • Memorial Day Weekend Email Report: Desktop Opens Dip

      Memorial Day deals are almost as much of a tradition as barbecues on the holiday weekend, and Memorial Day 2017 saw lots of deals – especially in the inbox. The question is, were people paying attention to email last weekend? We kept an eye on open rates and read lengths throughout the weekend. Here’s what we found.

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    • The Retail Bubble: How to Survive and Thrive with Digital Innovation

      The following article originally appeared on MultiChannelMerchant. You can see the original post here. It’s a tough time for retailers. Amidst a market correction of brick-and-mortar bloat, a host of general merchandise, specialty brand, and mall-anchor retailers are shuttering stores at an unprecedented pace (potentially 8,600 stores this year according to Credit Suisse). According to the U.S.

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    • Consumer Device Preference Report: Q1 2017

      Each quarter, we take a look at the changing ways that consumers interact with their emails: the devices they use, the days that are most popular for reading email, their always-fluctuating attention spans, and more. In Q1 of 2017, we uncovered a few interesting trends among the retail, travel, finance and media, publishing and entertainment industries.

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  • [eBook] How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

    … to boost the performance of your loyalty program? Download How to Build Better Loyalty Emails now! This leads to a troubling problem for companies today: “How can we drive predictable, recurring revenue, when our customers have a myriad of options to choose from?” Leading brands know exactly how to differentiate from their competitors. The key…

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  • Oscars 2017 Email Report

    … The Oscars present a huge opportunity for email marketers across all industries to reach out to their subscribers: those in media, entertainment, retail and more delivered campaigns this past weekend. But how do consumers actually interact with email during a big entertainment event? In our Super Bowl Email Report, we learned that people can…

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  • Super Bowl 2017 Email Report: It’s a Touchdown for Read-Lengths

    … events. A few suggestions: Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, St. Patrick’s Day and Baseball Opening Day are all on the horizon. They’re not your typical marketing holidays, but they give you an excuse to reach out to your subscribers. Whichever opportunities you choose, be sure to always run tests if you’re trying something new. If you’re interested in taking contextual marketing for a spin, check out our eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing. …

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  • Consumer Device Preference Report Q3 2016

    … customers. That’s why we broke down our consumer device data by industry. Here are a few highlights from the reports. Keep scrolling to view the full reports! Retail: Weekends are ideal for sending mobile-optimized emails – that’s when mobile open rates are highest, at 78%. Download the Retail Consumer Device Preference Report here. Travel…

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  • Holiday Report: The Final Word

    … the week after Christmas. A look back on the season What are the takeaways to our experiment? Device preferences for email opens in general stayed pretty steady over the holiday season — hovering around 70%. This was only a slight increase over the recent average, as mobile accounted for 67% of all opens in Q3 of 2015. We did see a spike in retail…

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  • Holiday Report: Mobile Opens Up, Conversions Down

    … mobile continues to be the preferred device for opens during the busy holiday season — when consumers are on the go — more and more are going back to their laptops and desktops to purchase. We may still see a switch in this upcoming week’s numbers — so check back next week! This entry was posted in Data Reports and tagged consumer device preferences, conversion rates, holiday open rates on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 by Amy Mullen.…

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  • Holiday Email Activity Report: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6

    … your emails. To shed a some light on your customers’ holiday email engagement behavior, each week we’ll be sharing consumer device preference data for email opens and conversions — as well as any other interesting insights we see — right through the post-holiday campaign season. Email Opens: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6 While we saw higher than average mobile…

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