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  • Introducing ZOG Digital’s Proprietary Search Revenue Forecasting Tool

    … In September 2015, ZOG Digital is introducing proprietary technology that forecasts web traffic and revenue from organic keywords used in search. These projections enable brands to confidently develop effective SEO and content marketing strategies. By using Google Keyword Planner’s search volume data, bid value projections, client and competitor…

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  • Use Of Responsive Design In Retail Doubles

    … Smartphones are convenient, social, and the fact that two out of three Americans own one puts an emphasis on brands to be mobile-friendly in 2015. Just as there was a transition from “on your desk” to “in your email,” the “I just texted you” culture shift is upon us. Innovative developers are finding solutions to integrate mobile devices…

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  • The CMO’s Guide to 2015 Mobile Trends and ROI

    … Drives Trends According to Nielson, there has been a 63 percent rise in monthly time engaged with apps per person to 37 hours and 28 minutes. That’s nothing to scoff at, especially when there are 3.65 billion unique global mobile phone users — 200 million in the US. The apps where brands get the most recognition are social media. According to Pew…

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  • Is Your Marketing Budget Generating The Best ROI?

    … with their marketing dollars until the proper strategy is applied. With the addition of each new client, our team leverages data and continuous testing to find the right mix of content and targeting needed to squeeze every last drop of ROI from a budget. Don’t believe us? We’ll let the results speak for themselves. Our Approach Discover industry…

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  • SMX 2014 Recap – Measuring Up With Facebook

    … analytics. Once your ads are generating data, utilize real-time measurement to optimize and test campaigns. Utilized as a complete tool set, you can increase the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising and drive sales. For more information, please contact ZOG Digital. The post SMX 2014 Recap – Measuring Up With Facebook appeared first on ZOG Digital Blog. Follow ZOG Digital on Twitter @ZOGDigital. …

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  • C-Level SEO – Metrics that Matter – Part 3

    … and optimizing landing pages, for example, are essential components and the following metrics can indicate correctly implemented strategies. Analytics that measure customer retention: retargeting metrics, and A/B experiments and in-page analytics Retargeting metrics Retargeting helps convert customers that have already visited a website and serves…

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  • 4 Facebook Advertising Myths Restaurants Need to Ignore

    … Facebook’s powerful advertising and targeting platform, which we detailed in our post last week, has grown so quickly that a series of rumors and myths have been perpetuated that are holding back restaurant marketers. Most Facebook myths center on misunderstandings about the demographic makeup of the site’s users, factors related to ad engagement…

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  • C-Level SEO – Metrics that Matter – Part 2

    … sentiment among users. Analytics that measure brand perception: sentiment and bounce race Sentiment Sentiment analysis is the process of determining and measuring the feelings, emotions and perceptions users have of a brand. When paired with other measurement tools, sentiment analysis can help marketers think strategically, appeal to motivations…

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  • C-Level SEO – Metrics that Matter – Part 1

    … that is optimized based on data, businesses can increase leads, build positive sentiment among target audiences, and drive sales. According to Forrester Research, Inc., interactive marketing budgets are expected to double over the next five years. More resources will be dedicated to mobile marketing, digital advertising and other channels in an effort…

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