In broadcast programming, dayparting is the practice of dividing the day into several parts, during each of which a different type of radio or television program apropos for that time is aired. Television programs are most often geared toward a particular demographic, and what the target audience typically engages in at that time.
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  • Day of the Week (Week-parting) Redirect Rules

    … With Thrive, you’ve always been able to create day-parting redirect rules that redirect your traffic based on the time of the day. Now, you can also create rules that redirect traffic based on the day of the week! Want to redirect your weekend traffic to different landing pages and offers? Now you can. Still haven’t checked out Thrive? We’ve been continually improving our product to be the best of the best, so SIGN UP for an account now! …

    Tom Fang/ iPyxel Creations- 14 readers -
  • The Top Ten Tips For Effective Dayparting

    … September 22, 2016 Over the past year, I’ve started to truly embrace a new life motto: if it takes less than ten minutes to do, do it now. When it comes to optimizing a PPC account, ten minutes is a drop in the bucket. As digital marketers, we are left forever seeking those 0.01% incremental gains in hopes that soon enough they will amount…

    PPC Heroin Paid Search- 8 readers -
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  • Optimizing Your PPC Campaign

    … should use dayparting tactics to ensure their ads run only during the times when their employees are available to answer the phone. In other cases, it may be more effective to pause ad listings during periods when a business is closed. Some merchants may also want to run staggered shifts to fully meet the demand during periods of high call volume…

    Street Fightin Paid Search- 11 readers -
  • 4 Strategies to Increase Pay-Per-Call ROI for SMBs

    … the benefits of a pay-per-call campaign. Dayparting Pay-per-call campaigns that target smartphone users with proximity-based features can generate an even higher ROI when those features are combined with other attributes like time of day, industry, and caller demographics. Some of the latest hyperlocal solutions are providing local merchants with ways…

    Street Fightin Paid Search- 7 readers -
  • SEM Experts Want These Features for the Holidays

    … bid modifier. Account Lead Caitlin Halpert just wants annotations within AdWords/BingAds (like Google Analytics). Account Director Ada Pally is hoping for dayparting in GSP. Search Account Manager Jesse Morris wants keyword-level phone call data, for brand CPCs to be cheaper when only the client is bidding on them, and for the UI to stop freezing. What’s on your SEM wishlist? Do you think there’s any hope that Google will deliver on these wishes? …

    Jonathan Svilar/ 3Q Digitalin Paid Search Google- 10 readers -
  • Supercharge Your PPC Workflow

    … extensions, callout extensions? Geo-targeting review. Are all your geographic bid modifiers and settings correct? Are there geographies you should bid up or exclude based on performance? Dayparting review. If you’re using dayparting, review the settings to ensure you’re meeting goals. If you’re not using dayparting, review performance by day of week…

    Melissa Mackey/ Search Engine Watchin Paid Search- 10 readers -
  • Supercharge Your PPC Workflow

    … in the upcoming months. Ad test analysis. Review ad copy tests, pause losers and start new tests. Take note of tests that don’t have enough data for statistical significance, so you can look at them next month. Remarketing audience performance review. Are your remarketing audiences performing the way you expected? Do you need to create new audiences…

    Melissa Mackey/ Search Engine Watchin Paid Search- 6 readers -
  • 3 Quick Tips To Simplify Your Bid Optimizations

    … When beginning a new relationship with a PPC account, be it established or built from scratch, one of the most important things to manage is your bidding. How will you wrangle your new keyword friends and get them to perform to the best of their ability? Google is always happy to provide you with plenty of tools and suggestions for what to do…

    Carrie Albright/ PPC Heroin Paid Search Google- 15 readers -
  • 7 Questions To Ask A Prospective Pay Per Click Agency

    … knows that more spending is not the primary way to increase sales; specifically, discusses a proactive strategy to improve keyword quality scores; use of negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant traffic, historical data analysis to reduce non-productive spend, and dayparting and demographic targeting options. 7) How Will You Work To Get Me Ahead…

    Cassie Oumedian/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 10 readers -
  • The Top 10 Best PPC Hacks … Ever!

    The pay-per-click advertising landscape is ever changing. Google alone adds hundreds of new features each year, not to mention the dozens other emerging and existing PPC platforms. So how do you know which campaigns to prioritize, what new features to try, and where to cut back for the most success? Join Larry Kim of WordStream and Thue Madsen of KISSmetrics for an exclusive we ...

    Larry Kim/ Search Engine Journalin Paid Search Google- 11 readers -
  • The Top 10 Best PPC Hacks ... Ever!

    …, otherwise known as dayparting. For example, let's say ad clicks during office hours are more valuable to the advertiser in the image below. They have staff in the office during these hours to answer phone calls and email inquiries. Because they are a B2B company, the people searching on their keywords are more likely to be in a buying frame of mind during…

    Larry Kim/ WordStreamin Paid Search Google- 16 readers -
  • Responding to Device Changes in Google and Bing

    Back in January, I wrote a post on why it’s time for B2B advertisers to go mobile. I hope you’ve added mobile to your PPC strategy this year. Recently, both Bing and Google announced some changes to mobile advertising that you need to be aware of and react to within your PPC campaigns. Track Your Results and Adjust Bids.

    Melissa Mackey/ Search Engine Watch- 4 readers -
  • Nine best practice tips for Facebook advertising

    …. Then hit the duplicate button. Why: This one is more of a matter of preference, but I find that it's easier to fill out a campaign template than it it is to create one from scratch. You do have to be careful that you don't accidentally launch old ads in a new campaign though. 9) Use dayparting What: Set your Facebook campaign to only run at times…

    Jeff Rajeck/ Econsultancyin Social Facebook- 6 readers -
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