De (Д д; italics: Д д) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.De commonly represents the voiced dental plosive /d/, like the pronunciation of 〈d〉 in admit.De is romanized using the Latin letter D.
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  • Google Alerts Webmasters About Issues hreflang and rel=canonical URLs

    … it on a per-country/language basis (don’t specify the “de” page as the canonical for the “en” version, otherwise we won’t index the “en” version). Mueller also points webmasters to two resources for webmasters dealing with hreflang issues, a blog post from last year as well as their help center articles. If you are unsure if you could be impacted by this issue, Google also has an hreflang tool you can use to troubleshoot any issues with your annotations, if you are using hreflang on any of your websites. …

    Jennifer Slegg/ The SEM Postin SEO Google- 12 readers -
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