Decapitation (from Latin, caput, capitis, meaning head) is the separation of the head from the body. Beheading typically refers to the act of intentional decapitation, e.g., as a means of murder or execution; it may be accomplished, for example, with an axe, sword, knife, wire, or by other more sophisticated means such as a guillotine. An executioner carrying out decapitations is called a headsman. Accidental decapitation can be the result of an explosion, car or industrial accident, improperly administered execution by hanging or other violent injury. Suicide by decapitation is rare, but not unknown.
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  • What’s the Secret to Apple’s Innovation? Bad Ideas

    … innovative founder of Apple, said, “It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.” Knowing the man—and the company he built—counter-intuitive statements like this come as no surprise. He was known for zigging when the rest of the world zagged. But clearly his legacy with Apple is in no danger of an untimely decapitation, so the “piracy” he…

    Shane Snow/ The Content Strategist- 8 readers -
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