• Monday Catch-up: Contextual Campaigns, Deliverability and ‘Harvesting’ Subscribers

      Happy Monday morning, marketers. We scoped out the latest news and info from the wide world of email marketing to make easy for you to get your week off to an informed start. Read on, and have a great week! Contextual campaigns provide value beyond marketing “Contextual campaigns go well beyond ‘the right message to the right person at the right time,’” writes Rebecca Lieb at Marketing Land.

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  • Email Deliverability Best Practices: Understanding Spam Filters

    … The success of any email marketing campaign probably hinges more on one word than any other: deliverability. Your message simply cannot prompt action if the recipient doesn’t receive it. Which is why you want it to end up in the recipient’s inbox, not relegated to their junk or spam folder. That means you have to be aware of – and know how…

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  • 6 Reasons Emails Bounce (And What You Can Do to Improve Your Bounce Rate)

    … We’ve all been there. You create an email, send away, and then — when you check your email reports — you see that it “bounced.” Which means your email never actually got to your intended recipient. Even worse, if your account has a high number of bounces it can have a negative impact on your delivery rate. So it makes sense to clean up those…

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  • How to Clean a Messy Contact List in 5 Easy Steps

    … Raise your hand if your email list is neat and tidy. (Crickets) Yeah, that’s what I thought. For busy small business owners, there is nothing worse than a messy, disorganized, outdated list of email subscribers. Especially if you’ve inherited this list and have no idea how to fix it. Just the thought of tackling it makes you want to slam down…

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  • Keep Your Email List Spick-and-Span With These 3 Simple Steps

    … Uh-oh. You’re doing all you can to grow your email list. But the faster it grows, the less you seem to know about the people on your list. While you used to know every name on your email list personally, as you develop a larger list you’re less sure who your subscribers are, what exactly they’re interested in, and how best to reach them. How can…

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  • 10 Email Tracking Metrics You Should be Monitoring

    … As you view your email campaigns, there are a number of metrics that you need to focus on to improve your overall email marketing performance. Email behaviors and technologies have evolved over time – so be sure to update the means by which you monitor your email performance. In the past, we’ve also shared some of the formulae behind key email…

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  • The Email Obstacle Course: What Happens Between Send and Receive

    … Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to enhance small business and nonprofit marketing efforts. But even the most experienced marketers face challenges along the way. With more than 205 billion emails sent and received each day, making sure that an email stands out amongst the competition is a big one. But there is another…

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  • Deliverability: The Holiday Crucible

    … in deployed email that doesn’t reach a recipient’s inbox. This is never a happy subject, but it’s particularly critical as we head into the most important retail selling season. There is no worse time to encounter deliverability issues or actual inbox blockages. We keep hearing that 20% of permission-based emails get blocked. This is a somewhat…

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  • The Most Recognizable Part of Your Email: Deliverability Part VIII

    … as to say that this will delay your deliverability (if you do everything else correctly then your deliverability will still be off the charts), but making it on your own domain can still benefit you in a couple of ways: From fields based on free email addresses are a bit looked upon due to the fact that they are so easy to create (a lot…

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  • Words And Phrases That Can Get You In Trouble: Deliverability Part VII

    … that this is true – however, the number of keywords and phrases like that is a lot smaller than you may think. There is only a couple of words I can quote that will damage your deliverability alone, and those are all related to either “medical” advertisements (your typical male enhancement pills), or “dating” profiles (the cute bots that want to meet you…

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