• Before You Measure, Fix Your Marketing

    Analytics prove marketing’s value, but analytics don’t mean a thing if the marketing “ain’t got that swing.” Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, uses more colorful language to make his point, but the gist is the same: design the experiences your customers want before you start to measure your efforts.

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  • 3…2…1…Blast Off Your Content Marketing With NASA 360′s Tips

    … NASA 360 is an award-winning vodcast designed to take you on a journey to the stars. NASA 360 shows you how technologies developed by NASA impact your life today—and are paving the way to the future. Produced in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center, NASA 360 gives you a “first look” at everything from rockets to robots, from the next…

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  • An Immutable Law of Branding: Focus

    … work on creating that hammer, though, we have to do one and only one thing: focus. We first have to figure out who we are and what we want to communicate to our customers. When we do that, we’ll have stronger strategies, stronger stories and stronger sales. Want to hear more amazing marketing and PR ideas? Check out this recap of Demand Success! Image: Mark Hunter (Creative Commons) …

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  • Who Will Win the World Cup? Marketers.

    … mines, especially as other entertainment has become on-demand. “It’s hard to get people off the couch,” said Jeff Bliss, the senior VP of partnerships for DC2024, at Demand Success 2014. “Passionate fans become passionate customers,” he says. “If you want to reach a consumer, there’s really not a better way than to use digital media and the power…

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  • The ‘Entourage’ Method for Marketing to Millennials and Niches

    … One of the first things you notice about Adrian Grenier is his dedication to making the world a better place. Adrian, an actor, producer, director and musician, gave a relaxed and informative interview to Nichole Kelly, president of SME Digital, the digital marketing division of Social Media Explorer, during the Demand Success 2014. Nichole…

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  • Go Big for Your Niches: 11 Keys to Creating Content That Sells

    … Content marketing may be all the rage, but how do you cut through the noise when everyone, including your audience and your competitors, is creating content? Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, says it comes down to creating content that is useful, empathetic and inspired. Ann speaking at Demand Success 2014. She also says…

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  • How to Succeed in a (Dot) Complicated World

    … a scarcity principle when bringing a new product to market. Facebook wasn’t shared with the masses. It was rolled out slowly, creating demand and urgency. The platform also relied – it still does – on crowdsourcing. If demand is one of the keys to Facebook’s success, giving people the means to enhance and improve the site is another. Brands…

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  • Do You Ignore Most of Your Audience?

    You have an audience. Some have done business with you, will return and tell others how great you are. Others are ready to buy from you or are thinking about buying from you. Some of them have never heard of you but still need you. The difference between average marketing and great marketing, according to Avinash Kaushik in his keynote at Demand Success last week, is that gre ...

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  • Events Are the Ultimate WoM Machine

    While I am often known in my small echo chamber as a blogger, my best online moments have come from events, from BlogPotomac and Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington to the Emergency Social Data Summit and of course, Demand Success. I don’t think that’s a coincidence… Events are about the people who attend them, and their experience. They build relationships, learn, and hopefully have fun.

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  • Demand Success in a Post: Highlights from Day 1 of #Demand14

    … This post wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Erin Feldman, Geoff Livingston, Allen Mireles and Adrienne Sheares. Didn’t have a chance to come to Demand Success or want to revisit your favorite moments? This post contains highlights of each of the sessions from day one of #Demand14, which includes presentations by founder…

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  • Creating a Winning Brand: A Q&A With Laura Ries

    … Why is Coca-Cola the leading cola brand when so many others have similar products? How did Chobani become the leading Greek yogurt brand despite reaching the market nine years after its Greek competitor? Geoff Livingston caught up with Demand Success speaker and branding expert Laura Ries to get the answers. See how both companies succeeded…

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  • The Power of Personal Business: A Q&A With Chris Brogan

    … From the rapid adoption of big data to content platforms saturated with marketers looking to stand out, it appears that marketing is moving to its next era. Who better to talk about the change than New York Times Bestselling author Chris Brogan? Chris will speak at Vocus’ Demand Success conference in Washington, DC on June 5-6, but Geoff…

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