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  • Content Marketing Audience: Do You Know Your Readers?

    … just beg them to promote your stuff. Assess where key influencers may have other content needs. Can you fill an information gap? Strategically tap influencers to help you create quality content. This is most helpful when developing crowd-pleaser content. Top Rank’s Lee Odden is the granddaddy of the Epic Curated Content. Similarly, Orbit Media’s…

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  • Generate New Blog Post Ideas: Yes You Can!

    … Institute and Orbit Media. Answer the one question everyone asks and there’s no source for. (Need help? Read Andy Crestodina’s explanation of Orbit Media’s research.) Understand that this is a massive undertaking. Internal data. Look inside your business to find information that other people would find useful. This is the core of Priceonomics’s blog…

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  • 2017 Content Marketing Resolutions

    … their content. No surprise, it’s the sexy part of content marketing. But the reality is your work starts when you publish your content. Social Triggers’s Derek Halpern spends 80% of his content effort on promotion. Distribute, distribute, distribute. To maximize your content investment, you must continually distribute each piece of content…

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  • 3 Essential Content Marketing Skills

    … a free sample chapter!) Build your reading muscles. Don’t curb your choices. Reading helps you to internalize the author’s writing style to improve yours. Ask’s Ryan Levesque learned copywriting by physically writing every word of a master’s letter collection. Social Triggers’s Derek Halpern reads voraciously. It’s how he discovered that Johnson…

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  • Missed 2016 Content Marketing Opportunities

    … success! Even better it’ll save your content marketing budget. Take a deep breath. Think: I can do this. You still have time to be a 2016 content marketing star! (BTW, here are our 2016 Content Marketing Trends including relevant charts.) BUT you have to act NOW! 5 Missed 2016 Content Marketing Opportunities Examine these 5 missed 2016, content…

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  • The Essential Blog Success Factor No One Tells You

    … Why Blogs Fail? Will Your? Do you want to create a successful blog? You’re probably thinking “Who sets out to fail? Why start a blog if I don’t want to succeed?” I could tell you the answer. It’s plain and simple. It’d make a short Seth Godin blog post. And the reality is that the answer is more like Joe Pulizzi’s “A Blog Post Is Like…

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  • 5 Ways Social Media Boosts Your Content Marketing Results

    … relevant to the specific social media platform where you’re sharing it. Consider your commentary, images and hashtags. As Social Triggers’ Derek Halpern preaches with the 80/20 rule of content: “Spend 80% of your time promoting your content and 20% of your time creating it.” From March 2011 to April 2012, Halpern averaged 2.54 blog posts per month…

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  • Expert Content Marketing Advice: 13 Tactics To Improve Your Results

    …; Johnson persuaded doctors to buy their bandages. In 1888, Johnson & Johnson published Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment. [Note: Social Triggers’ Derek Halpern was the first to point out this finding!] Like Johnson & Johnson, you need to develop content marketing that: Stands out Attracts attention Helps your core audience…

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  • Content Marketing Performance Checklist: 1H2015

    … your way up the process. Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Respond to HARO requests. This is free. Help others craft their content. Exchange articles with people who follow you. Provide content for others who are interested in your topic. It helps if you build a relationship on social media first. Comment on other people’s blogs. Show original…

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  • 50 (Almost) Free Ways To Repromote Content

    … time to focus your creative energies on higher quality content. But you feel helpless to change the process since once you finish one piece, you’ve an endless list of more content requests. Don’t worry; you’re in good company. 75% of marketers use a piece of content ONLY one time according to Kapost research. What a waste, especially since…

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  • 31 Advanced Blogging Tricks

    Are You Taking Full Advantage of These Blogging Tactics? It’s Halloween. While it’s easy to become a witch just by wearing a big hat and black clothes, it’s not so easy to create a unique look like Wicked’s green-skinned Elphaba. Unlike Halloween, blogging doesn’t have to be scary and we’ve got 31 advanced blogging tricks to maximize your business blog’s measurable results.

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