Design as a noun informally refers to a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system while "to design" (verb) refers to making this plan. No generally-accepted definition of "design" exists, and the term has different connotations in different fields. However, one can also design by directly constructing an object. More formally design has been defined as follows.
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  • 8 Examples of Effective Animated Videos That Drive Engagement and Sales

    … Content alone does not make a great video; you need a great video design that make a visual statement combining design and data visualization to deliver a story. Designers often get a little excited and put too much fancy design to fill in the space. The best content marketing brands are the ones that know how use content to drive conversions… 7 readers -
  • Creator's Block #44 [Podcast]: The Creative's Curse

    … Before we dive in to today's episode, I want to state something for the official record: As a designer and a writer/editor respectively, Marcella and I are self-aware enough to admit we occasionally have a flair for melodrama -- slipping a little too easily into the trope being the "tortured artist." But when we both read The Creative's Curse…

    The IMPACT Blog- 8 readers -
  • Creator's Block #43 [Podcast]: Death by Meetings

    … If there's one thing most marketing professionals -- creative or otherwise -- can agree upon, it's that meetings are often terrible for productivity, but remain a very necessary evil. But why? On paper, meetings should bring people together, provide opportunities to align expectations, and move projects or initiatives forward. Still many of us…

    The IMPACT Blog- 11 readers -
  • The value of consistent UX and a unified brand voice

    … This post is part of 3Q’s Brand Protection series, in which we tackle a range of issues to help companies safeguard their most important asset: their brand’s reputation. For a full list of posts, click here. Not long ago, advertising used to happen across a small number of very distinct and well-understood channels. Today, there […] The post…

    3Q Digital- 12 readers -
  • 5 Terrible Websites You Should Copy

    … This isn’t the definitive list of the worst websites I’ve ever seen. But if you’re a sensitive soul with design proclivities, I’d get a blanket and a cup of something soothing before you dig in. There are horrors ahead. Apart from laughing at them, why should we ever look at terrible websites? Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn from the best…

    The Daily Egg- 29 readers -
  • Creator's Block #42 [Podcast]: 2 Exhausted Creatives Recap #INBOUND17

    … Jessie-Lee and I are back this week, fresh off HubSpot's #INBOUND17 conference in Boston. We spent three full days with 21,400+ of our closest friends in the INBOUND community, learning and getting inspired -- so needless to say, we're a little tuckered. But we're not too tired to talk about our biggest takeaways. Prior to this year, Jessie-Lee…

    The IMPACT Blog- 14 readers -
  • How Huge Founder Aaron Shapiro Measures the ROI of Design

    … Six years ago, I launched a site to cover the intersection of advertising and technology in New York. One of my first profiles was on Huge—a small, red-hot Dumbo design agency that had designed a mobile streaming app called HBO Go. This past summer, I caught back up with Huge founder Aaron Shapiro, who has since turned his small shop into a full…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin How To's- 20 readers -
  • 8 Overlooked Mobile Design Best Practices You Need to Implement

    … a marketing funnel that’s totally ineffective on non-desktop devices. To give you some guidance, I’ve put together 8 mobile design best practices you need to be following. They’ll help you streamline your visitors’ user experience, maximizing the impact of your marketing funnel for any device. 1. Get Rid of Your Navbar On mobile, real estate…

    KISSmetrics Marketing Blog- 13 readers -
  • Demystifying Viewing Patterns

    … know. As the name already infers, the F-pattern suggests that people’s viewing pattern of a website is similar to the shape of an F: Image source: Users will view the top content of a page horizontally first. After this, their view will go down the page, and they’ll view another part horizontally. However, this area of horizontal…

    Michiel Heijmans/ Yoast- 27 readers -
  • Creator's Block Returns: When Creative Projects Go Off the Rails [Podcast]

    … Just over a year ago, Jessie-Lee Nichols (a designer) and I (a content creator) launched the Creator's Block podcast with a single goal in mind -- we wanted to blog less. Desperately. Little did we know that our concerted effort to be lazy and spend less time in front of the keyboard would turn into an always thoughtful, but often hilarious labor of love. …

    The IMPACT Blog- 9 readers -
  • 5 Crucial Reasons to Include a Developer in Your Website Process

    … Ask yourself this question: As a marketer, when do you start consulting a web developer in your website design process? Or if you are a developer, when do you start being included? Is it in the brainstorming stage, in the wireframing stage, in the design stage, or none of the above? If you answered none of the above, then you’ve got some explaining to do. …

    The IMPACT Blog- 10 readers -
  • 3 Misconceptions Ruining Your Website [INBOUND 2017 Sneak Peek]

    … In January 2015, IMPACT was a budding HubSpot partner on a mission: to help people and their organizations succeed, and we were looking for a way to collaborate with other marketing pros, give leads the opportunity to experience our team’s expertise, and interact with the greater inbound marketing community. That’s when our team came up…

    The IMPACT Blog- 9 readers -
  • What You Need to Know About Visual Perception and Website Design

    ….” This data helps explain why visual marketing has really exploded recently, and visual-centric content such as infographics are so popular. Seeing is one of our primary senses by which we intake information and understand the world. Basically, it’s a big deal.... The post What You Need to Know About Visual Perception and Website Design appeared first on The Daily Egg. …

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 21 readers -
  • 4 INBOUND 2017 Sessions Every Creative Must Attend (INBOUND17)

    … HubSpot’s inbound marketing conference comes around once a year, and it’s almost always bigger and better than the year before. With all the excitement and sessions going on all at once, it can be a real challenge to figure out where your time is best spent...especially if you’re a designer or a developer. …

    The IMPACT Blog- 14 readers -
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