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    • Tuesday Technicalerts: Voice Recognition, The Spark That Ignites Conversational Commerce?

      If we look at the way most of us buy products today, it is evident that we are living in the dawn of a new era of commerce. Once upon a time, our choices were limited to the products stocked in local Main Street shops. Catalog Commerce came along and If you wanted to wait 4-6 weeks, Sears, LL Bean or Woolworth could be contacted via USPS or telephone and your long wait began.

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    • Tuesday Technicalerts: How InVision Studio And Sketch Are Changing Screen Design

      It used to be the case that if you wanted to design a website or mobile app, you were at the mercy of Adobe, whose Photoshop and Illustrator tools were the only options for serious designers. But, as all designers well know, these products have their limitations. Photoshop, notably, was designed for photo editing first and evolved over time to become a screen design tool, with ...

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  • Website Development: Why Your Site Needs To Be Responsive

    …% that have created a mobile-friendly site saw their sales increase after doing so. Another benefit of being responsive is your increased SEO. Google rolled out an algorithm that actually prioritized responsive sites, so sites without a responsive design are penalized by Google and therefore will be placed lower in the search engines results page…

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  • Hone Your Branded Content with These 6 Tips

    … In a market where a brand’s values and philosophy continue to gain importance in the eyes of consumers, companies should be prepared to “open up” to their audience at any chance they get. Be it an origins story or a mission statement, showing off the moral, ethical and ideological fabric of a brand has become as important as the exchange…

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  • How An Effective Logo Design Can Elevate Your Brand

    … to the brand. In essence, logo designs are the foundation of a company’s brand and an integral part of visual identity. Some of the best logo designs can effectively launch a brand into global stardom. The Siren Example Take, for example, the wildly successful Starbucks siren. Originally selected for the company’s seafaring roots—the name Starbuck hails…

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  • What’s New In The World Of Web Development: Trends To Pay Attention To

    … Staying afloat in today’s digital marketplace requires your website to make good use of technology and design trends. But you can’t consider design trends without development. Website development—the coding and the programming behind the design—is what brings a site’s design elements to life. And in 2017, it’s equally as important that your team…

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  • Top UX Web Design Trends Your Business Should Focus On

    … The user experience is critical for your website design. It provides the cognitive framework for the visual elements of design. It’s what ensures that all elements of the site not only appeal to, but also work well for the user. What is the process of discovery that users go through on the site? What is the sequence of actions they take…

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  • 10 Logo Designs To Inspire Your Rebranding

    … Establishing a strong logo design is key to building a visual identity for your company and developing your brand. But in today’s ever-changing and increasingly connected global marketplace, making sure that your logo works on a multitude of platforms is essential. This means taking a hard look at mobile app and web design elements to ensure…

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  • 5 Examples of Great Homepage Messaging For Your Website

    … Slack is the team communication and collaboration tool everyone who’s everyone is using these days. The main messaging on their homepage works because it puts all the emphasis on users, specifically on what Slack can do to make those users’ lives better. The language is clear and simple, and it resists resorting to buzzy corporate lingo like…

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  • Wholesome Sweeteners Collaborates With Blue Fountain Media To Redesign Website

    … Wholesome Sweeteners, the nation’s leader in fair trade, organic, and non-GMO sweeteners recently teamed up with our team here at Blue Fountain Media to redesign and relaunch their website. The website offers an innovative ecommerce experience, and a user-friendly interface, making it simple for customers to browse content and navigate the site…

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  • The Best and Worst Web Design Trends We’ve Seen This Year

    … Design trends come and go, and every year has its defining trends. A few years ago it was parallax scroll. Before that, rotating homepage banners were a must have for every website, regardless of whether or not they were helpful in communicating the brand’s message. There are a handful of trends we’ve seen taking root in 2017 or being carried…

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  • Compelling UX Design: Who’s Doing it Right

    … Every website is unique in that it exists to serve a specific audience of users. If it’s been created thoughtfully, it will be designed around meeting the needs of those users and helping them accomplish their tasks or goals with ease. Still, there’s much to be learned from the UX innovations of other companies. Seeing someone else create…

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  • Desktop vs. Mobile: Three Key Website Design Differences

    … designed with desktop users in mind. In the early days of mobile web design, when our phones were less sophisticated and we were less comfortable using them to carry out more complex activities, it was common to strip out much or most of a website’s content and launch a mobile site with the barebones of what it seemed like a mobile user would want…

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  • The Road To Conversion: Defining User Pathways In The Education Space

    … As part of our digital strategy process, we always spend time developing user personas. User personas -- essentially profiles of the different types of users who will engage with a website -- help us determine how to organize content and how to speak to key benefits and differentiating factors of services or products. There are few instances…

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  • Education Web Design: 7 Elements that Influence Conversions

    … what is the one thing you want them to remember about you when they leave? There are many things that make your institution unique and appealing, so it can be difficult to focus on a single aspect of who you are, but it’s better to make a bold statement than to dilute your message with a glut of information. New School’s Open Campus defines itself…

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  • Real Estate Design: The 5 Best Websites and Mobile Apps

    …. Engel & Volkers New York City The Engel & Volkers New York City website features a clean, modern design with a straightforward value proposition highlighted prominently on the homepage. The large rollover main navigation menu has clear, easy to read text and lots of visuals to spark the interest of users. Property listing pages have…

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