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  • Time to Adopt HTTPS

    …, or something along those lines. You should be vigilant about fixing mixed content issues because of the trust impact (described above), made even more urgent by the increased warnings from browsers. This is probably a pre- and post-launch checklist item, as it requires prepping your code in advance and planning the steps for updating your CMS content…

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  • A Web Dev’s checklist for maintaining page speed

    … you’ve implemented most of those major improvements, at least somewhat recently. If you haven’t, then definitely do start here. In this post, we’ll look at the most likely culprits causing page speed to creep back up, and basic fixes to help keep the base layer of the marketing stack (infrastructure, page/site speed) healthy. Infrastructure…

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  • Embraces HTTP/2 (with open arms)

    … HTTP/2. So, it would have required firing up new web servers and upgrading to the latest versions of NGINX and Apache (yes, we run both), and then either ditching our load balancing setup, or writing/configuring our own. As you can probably imagine, I was not excited with those options. =) Whichever path you choose, we’d strongly urge you to look at making this switch. Here’s to your (site) health! The post Embraces HTTP/2 (with open arms) appeared first on Portent. …

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  • GitHub Auto-Deploy Reprise

    … is the new command: */1 * * * * cd /path/to/webroot && git fetch --all && git checkout --force "origin/master" Note: the rest of the GitHub Setup Guide is accurate and should be used before the amendment of the auto-deploy solution described in this article. The post GitHub Auto-Deploy Reprise appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Introducing Adaptive Reuse for Experience Design & Development

    … for yourself! Click around and explore the site; we have plenty of great content. And, if you’re itching for more design & development discussions, I’ll be back soon to take you on another journey through – there are plenty of new production features and upgrades to the experience that lay outside the scope of this post. In my next…

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  • Why Page Speed Matters & PageSpeed Insights Fails – A Developer’s Tale

    … is getting more and more competitive — don’t think for a second that a potential customer won’t leave your site in search of a better competitor’s. Press your development team to make site speed a priority. If they avoid it or shrug off its importance, hire us, and I will personally analyze your current setup, design and implement your environment stack…

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