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    • A 9-step guide to increase your landing page conversion rate

      Landing pages are a crucial element of inbound marketing strategies. Companies that have increased the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 see 55 percent growth in the total number of leads, so with this in mind, you need to reconsider your marketing strategy. What we’ve noticed over our more than 30 years of experience in the industry is that one of the biggest challenges ...

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    • 9 studies for landing pages that work

      I believe that cheap behavioral data will fundamentally change the way we do online marketing. How would this look for something as straightforward as developing a landing page? Below I’ve outlined nine studies — all of which can be done from your own computer and usually for a few hundred dollars or less — that will help you successfully develop a landing page.

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  • 6 UX principles marketers can’t afford to overlook

    … existing forms is to reduce the number of fields. Setting aside the fact that humans are lazy and would rather type one less thing into a box, it has been proven that shorter forms result in higher conversions: Take this behemoth with 18 fields as an example: By cutting the form down to just six fields — the only fields that mattered — the company…

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  • 5 effective ways to improve your website’s checkout conversion rate

    … Checkout conversion rate is arguably the most important metric for any e-commerce business. This is the page where your business actually makes money. Mess up here, and all the hard work you put in attracting and nurturing visitors will have gone to waste. Shopping cart abandonment makes your checkout process conversion rate even more…

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  • Generating leads from content: Placing calls to action

    … the visitor to visit a landing page. The advantage of strategy 1 is that it doesn’t require the visitor to leave the page, where conversion rates are usually higher. The advantage of strategy 2 is that dedicated landing pages with a specific offer have higher conversion rates than content landing pages. We’ve found that conversion rates for dedicated…

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  • Turning content pages into lead generators

    …. Typical landing pages are graded on their conversion rate, the number of people who take action divided by the number of people who see the page. Content pages tend to be graded on softer metrics, engagement metrics. Time on page and pages per visit are two soft metrics. If your business is investing in content to generate leads and sales, you need…

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  • 3 popular CRO tactics (that can backfire terribly)

    … Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an easy enough idea to understand. You perform tests, measure activity, and then choose a winner based on the results. Unfortunately, many popular CRO tactics can actually hurt your business if not done correctly. In this post, I’m going to share three such tactics — and show you how they can backfire…

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  • Why 2016 is NOT the year of conversion optimization

    … thoughts that guided website optimization. Steve Krug had published “Don’t Make Me Think” in 2000. It made me think. Steve Krug made me think. The whole course made me think — think about the practice of conversion optimization and its historical development. The Eisenbergs had published the book, “Persuasive Online Copywriting,” in September…

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  • Your best users: Where they are and how to find them

    … convert. After you’re done reading this post, you will be able to easily derive the RFM analysis that quantitatively tells you the buying habits of your best customers. What is RFM analysis? RFM analysis is defined as a marketing technique used to determine quantitatively which customers are the best ones by examining how recently a customer has…

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  • 7 advanced conversion strategies you probably don’t know

    … If you’re at the point in your digital marketing efforts where it seems like things are going fairly well, but you haven’t reached peak performance, then it might be time to take your conversion optimization efforts to the next level. To that end, you’ll want to split-test a number of CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategies that you’re…

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  • 2 ways word clouds help you optimize

    … have. Below, I present two ways to pre-process transcripts — Combining Words and Weighting — that will help you understand what language is truly important. First, here’s an example of how words can reveal conversion-improving ideas. How the word cloud saved us We had completed three rounds of A/B tests for Discount Catholic Products and had…

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  • How to run a conversion-focused Facebook Ads campaign

    … is gearing up to launch his technology startup Figpii, a one-stop platform for everything related to conversion rate optimization. A recognized expert of marketing strategy, he has presented at marketing conferences across the globe. Khalid has been a frequent guest in key media .outlets, including CNN, BBC, SKY, France 24, MSNBC, New York Times, National Public Radio, and more. …

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  • Mobile-friendly redesigns: Experiment on your current site

    … be carried wholesale to the new site. These are the conversion drivers that often get overlooked in the rush to redesign. Then number and wording of your calls to action can carry over to a new design. Risk reversal What if a visitor fears the regret of purchasing the wrong product or getting spammed after filling out a form? Risk reversal handles…

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  • 3 web UX personalization tools for code haters

    …, conversion data, device, onsite searches and many more parameters, and marketers can set sophisticated personalization rules according to combinations of multiple parameters. Personalized user experiences can range from product recommendations to entirely different home page designs, and it’s all A/B tested for performance measurement. The platform’s…

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