Device Fingerprinting

A device fingerprint or machine fingerprint or browser fingerprint is information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification. Fingerprints can be used to fully or partially identify individual users or devices even when cookies are turned off.Basic web browser configuration information has long been collected by web analytics services in an effort to accurately measure real human web traffic and discount various forms of click fraud. With the assistance of client-side scripting languages, collection of much more esoteric parameters is possible. Assimilation of such information into a single string comprises a device fingerprint.
Posts about Device Fingerprinting
  • EU Confirms Device Fingerprinting to be Treated like Cookies

    … in the EU to either continue using cookies (with consent) or begin requesting consent for using the device fingerprinting. Obviously, neither of these options will be liked by website owners. The specific way that this is to be implemented with vary from country to country in the EU. What, if any, impact this will have on US browsers is not known. THE FCC or other agencies may use this move to inspire a similar policy. You can read the full opinion HERE. …

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insider- 3 readers -
  • EU: Device Fingerprinting Should Be Regulated Like Cookies

    Device fingerprinting is the latest target in the EU’s effort to protect user privacy online. The pan-European Article 29 Working Group has adopted an opinion calling for consent requirements for device fingerprinting in line with requirements when cookies are used. “This Opinion expands upon the earlier Opinion 04/2012 on Cookie Consent Exemption and indicates to third-part ...

    Ginny Marvin/ Marketing Land- 6 readers -