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    • Samsung is working with banks to roll out retail pop-ups

      Banks may soon be experimenting with a new way to engage with customers: retail pop-ups. Samsung’s head of sales for financial services, Reginald Jones, told Tearsheet that the company is in talks with its financial services customers about rolling out retail pop-ups “sooner than in a year.” Those could be in a variety of formats, he said: a bus promoting a certain bank that ...

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  • More than a cash dispenser: How banks are rethinking the ATM

    … Arguably no banking technology in the last 50 years has been as disruptive as the ATM machine, celebrating its birthday Tuesday. Banking may look different on the surface, but its core functions look the same. Growth of mobile banking usage is slowing, mobile payments haven’t really taken off, and banks are re-investing in their branches…

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  • The retailpocalypse: Bank branches are closing in droves

    … There may be no physical institution as historically revered as a bank. Community centers and trusted destinations, the banks of our imaginations are cool and quiet spaces housed inside classical limestone buildings. Ceilings are high, floors are marble; words echo. Behind bronze-framed windows, tellers take money from trusting customers…

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  • What banks can learn from Amazon

    …,” like the Fire TV or the Kindle. “They don’t care if you buy them because they still sell the iPad and everything else.” It’s probably a little out there for banks. But more and more, changing customer expectations and an increasingly digital world are forcing banks to accept the idea of open banking platforms. But they should also bring that thinking to their actual business model. Read the full story on The post What banks can learn from Amazon appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • Citi FinTech CEO Yolande Piazza: We’re not too big to change

    … Bankers like to say their organizations are actually technology companies with a banking license. At the end of the day, they’ve still got that large-bank feel, but Citi’s fintech unit is dedicated to making its workplace feel like a startup. Yolande Piazza has been at Citi for almost 20 years. Earlier this month, she was named chief executive…

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  • The state of bank innovation in 5 charts

    … innovation labs and digital hubs and creating C-suite roles dedicated to leadership in innovation. Smaller institutions have been thinking about a digital overhaul for just as long, but without the resources to invest in fintech initiatives or the massive customer base to test pilots, they’ve been slower to move. Below is a look in five charts…

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  • Why ‘challenger banks’ haven’t taken off in the U.S.

    … largely distrusting of startups when it comes to handing over all their deposits, and digital banks are waiting for that doubt to wear away, said banking and payments consultant Faisal Khan. Customers responded well to startups that give them convenience by connecting to their existing bank accounts, like Venmo for easy peer-to-peer payments or Moven…

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  • The Rise of Mobile Banking

    … an incentive to sell unknowing customers products and services they don’t need. Technology firms have responded by creating digital solutions to common financial problems, “making it easier to avoid the headaches and fees associated with traditional banking,” writes Lauren Lyons Cole of the International Business Times. Bill Gates once famously…

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