Digital Body Language

  • What Ferris Bueller Can Teach Marketers about Digital Body Language

    … need to take advice from Ferris and begin searching for clues from their visitors’ digital body language in that moment. What is Digital Body Language? Digital body language is similar to what you already know about body language. However, instead of interpreting facial expression and posture, you’re analyzing online behaviors such as mouse movements…

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  • Power of a Smile: 10 Tips to Smile Virtually – Delta Airlines Case Study

    … Talisha Wins Our Heart and Brand Loyalty With a Smile The power of a smile can be life changing. Have you ever had one of those moments where a smile on someone’s face simply brightened your day? Where an unexpected simple smile reminded you there are still good people in this world? A smile can warm a heart. It can help shed a tear. It can…

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  • Your Tweets are NOT Your Own

    … with? Brand, marketing and business leaders must realize and learn that a simple statement of “my tweets are my own” does not mean that another human being reading them is going to necessarily separate those thoughts and a particular tweet or post to any social network from that of the brand. Instead, brand and organizational leadership should…

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