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Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices (computers) such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets and game consoles to engage with stakeholders. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks. Social Media Marketing is a component of digital marketing. Many organisations use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels.
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    • 8 Important Questions Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Must Answer

      Social media has become a necessary and important marketing tactic for nearly every business, helping brands and marketers build brand awareness, share and interact with customers and prospects, and create another vital touch point in the evolving customer journey. But as the social media landscape continues to evolve, competition for audience attention is stiff.

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    • 5 Digital Marketing Brain Training Exercises to Keep You Sharp

      Over the years, we’ve all developed some bad habits as marketers. Some may be a result of our environment, while others have been self inflicted. As more and more bad habits enter our digital marketing routine, there is less room for healthy exercises to keep us strong. The most recent CMO Survey uncovered that CMOs consistently rate the level of their staff’s marketing knowledge as average.

      Ashley Zeckman/ TopRank®- 15 readers -
    • Evolve or Die: The Role of Purpose & Authenticity in Marketing

      In a world where the average U.S. consumer is confronted with 64GB of data per day, I think it’s safe to say that marketing requires a very different approach. Marketers all over the world are searching hard for silver bullets and ways to differentiate. And I think a lot of companies are wondering what it will take to realize substantial growth.

      Lee Odden/ TopRank®- 12 readers -
  • Impact of Online Reviews on Brand Value [Infographic]

    … In the digital world, customer opinions spread faster than a wildfire. Traditionally most small businesses relied on word-of-mouth advertising to increase brand value, but the advent of social media and online reviews has completely changed the form that this takes. Instead of asking friends and family for recommendations, consumers turn…

    The Next Scoop- 12 readers -
  • SEO, Digital Marketing and Doing The Right Thing

    … In Business use SEO combined with digital marketing to bring in more visitors and drive in sales. Online businesses have replaced traditional systems of retail and wholesale. There exists only a thin line between a product and a service. It is the value that content adds to marketing which can make a difference in the longer run differentiating…

    ppc.orgin Social Paid Search SEO Blogging- 13 readers -
  • Are Backlinks Dead in Modern SEO?

    … Are Backlinks Dead in Modern SEO? When I started off in the digital marketing world, acquiring backlinks was a major force. SEO experts swore by their efficacy. Companies, even startups, paid tons of money to hire and engage executives to get backlinks. This army was roughly called ‘link exchange guys’! Since those early days of the internet…

    Debajyoti Banerjee / Seven Boatsin SEO- 16 readers -
  • The Marketer’s Introductory Guide To Artificial Intelligence

    … and, ultimately, to gain better visibility and insight into the trends hidden in large data sets that most have us collect, but are ill-prepared to properly analyze. Ways to implement it: There are a seemingly limitless number of ways that AI can be implemented to benefit almost any business’ marketing strategy. All of these implementations require time…

    ROI Factor Blog- 16 readers -
  • 10 Conference Hacks to Help You Crush Marketing Event Attendance

    …. Early on when I started working for TopRank Marketing, our CEO Lee Odden gave me a crash course on making the most of attending an event. His experience attending and speaking at events was an incredibly valuable resource for someone like me that wanted to take advantage of the awesome opportunity to attend events. Below you’ll find some of my top…

    Ashley Zeckman/ TopRank®- 14 readers -
  • How Data Boosts Your Marketing’s Effectiveness

    … at the power of data in today’s digital marketing world, and how you can apply that data to give your marketing the boost it needs to be successful. 5 Ways Data Gives Your Marketing a Competitive Edge When we say data, we’re talking about countless different analytics. From demographic information, to bounce rate, to clicks, and everything in between…

    The Next Scoop- 16 readers -
  • How to Thrive in the Post Digital World

    … When I first heard Eric Yale from Forrester suggest at the Digital Summit conference that we live in a post digital world, I have to admit. I thought he was a bit nuts. Or just being sensational. I was wrong. If you’re thinking the same thing, here’s a rundown of what Eric said to provide some clarity. In today’s marketing world…

    Lee Odden/ TopRank®in How To's- 14 readers -
  • The 2017 Technical SEO Audit: A Marketer’s Essential Guide

    … As a digital marketer, it’s probable that you’ll be tasked with making technical recommendations for a client’s website, most likely at the start of the campaign. The cornerstone of this process will be the SEO Technical Audit. Identifying and drawing insights for the many technical elements will inform next steps in terms of what will allow…

    ROI Factor Blogin SEO- 14 readers -
  • 5 things programmatic display still needs to prove to marketers

    … Whilst programmatic trading is now an established norm in the world of display advertising, many advertisers are still coming to terms with what it means for their strategies and how they should be planning and executing campaigns. And although brand safety and fraud may grab the headlines as potential drawbacks of programmatic media buying…

    State of Digitalin Display- 16 readers -
  • Cookies To Humans: Implications Of Identity Systems On Incentives!

    … in your Google Analytics reports uses first-party cookies as the identity mechanism. Conversion Rate. Bounce Rate. Visits to Purchase. Pageviews Per User. What can you do with first-party cookies? Create better experiences in individual browser (as in Chrome) silos. Leverage advertising solutions like RLSA. Login-ID 1st. I’m a paying subscriber…

    Avinash Kaushik/ Occam's Razor- 12 readers -
  • Within Boundaries The Changing Impact of Inbound Marketing

    … it comes to inbound marketing. First, ask yourself, which is being utilized more for an effective business marketing strategy. Is it the inbound or outbound marketing approach. Inbound is the easy straight forward answer. More are relying on this approach to gain customers in cost effective manner. What are the major differences? Obviously, the main…

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  • Curate Content for Social Media Benefits

    … task to get the social media crowd buzzing. Thanks to predatory social media marketing, people are wary of digital marketers on Facebook or Twitter. Most keep us marketers blocked too often! It’s time to play the game according to the tastes of the spectators. That will set up new, probably game-changing, dynamics in the game. You can chime in with your views here and we can talk it over! Img source – Seven Boats | Digital Marketing Agency India …

    Debajyoti Banerjee / Seven Boatsin Social Content- 21 readers -
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