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Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices (computers) such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets and game consoles to engage with stakeholders. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks. Social Media Marketing is a component of digital marketing. Many organisations use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels.
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    • Voice to Video, Purpose to Personalization: Top Marketing Trends for 2018

      There is no question that 2017 was an incredible year for marketing. 2017 was also a record breaking year for our marketing agency, TopRank Marketing. We added 15 new amazingly talented staff and had the largest increase in client programs and new customer engagements than any year before. While we’ve seen much success with B2B influencer and content marketing programs, it is ...

      Lee Odden/ TopRank®- 9 readers -
    • Working with credible brands and Advertising on Facebook / Adwords

      How to promote offers people trustWorking with credible brands and Advertising on Facebook / Adwords February 20, 2018 By Kj Rocker One of the most frequently asked question for me these days is, How you manage to promote your offers on Adwords, Facebook without nay trouble as those who know me are also aware that I have almost 3 year old account with Facebook and google which never got bann.

      KJ Rockerin Paid Search- 19 readers -
  • How to Launch a Great Digital Marketing Project on a Budget

    … by Robert Clough Effective and Cheap Startup Digital Marketing Methods Are you an entrepreneur on a budget? You probably need startup digital marketing strategies. Find out the cheapest and most effective digital marketing methods. Understanding the world of digital marketing does not happen right away. For startups and big businesses alike…

    Search Engine Guidein How To's- 7 readers -
  • Google Launches AMP Stories

    …Google AMP Boards the Stories Train The developers at Google recently announced in a blog post that they would be launching visually rich, swipe-through AMP Stories, closely resembling the Stories format made famous by Snapchat and Instagram. With these Stories, publishers can create and share immersive and engaging content on the AMP platform…

    Relevance- 7 readers -
  • In a World of Diminishing Trust, Data-Driven Marketers Can Turn the Tide

    … My first encounter with marketing data malpractice came at a young age. I wasn't old enough to understand what was going on at the time, but my dad loves to tell the story. As I've gotten older, the humor and timeless relevance of this anecdote have struck me more and more. It was the mid-90s. We received a piece of mail at our house addressed…

    TopRank®- 9 readers -
  • How To Get The Best From Your Amazon Product Listing Optimization Mission

    Though Amazon is the most popular avenue for sellers to market their products, online selling experts reveal us that 19 out of 20 Amazon listings are not optimized the right way. This is due to two drawbacks. The sellers have not input the correct keywords to satisfy Amazon’s algorithm. Secondly, the listings do not feature correct copy and images to bring about high visitor conversion rates. 7 readers -
  • Digital Marketing for Real Estate: 4 Crucial Tips

    … by Robert Clough Digital marketing for real estate businesses is absolutely crucial in today's market. Make sure you're business is on the cutting edge by clicking here. Recent studies show that almost 80% of Americans now shop online. And, while you can't buy a house on a website, you better believe that prospective homebuyers are doing…

    Search Engine Guide- 10 readers -
  • How to Make Your SEO Insights More Accurate for Local Niches?

    … are struggling against the huge media giants that cannot provide such a content quality for the local audience though. However, it is going to change due to the new policies of Google and Facebook. And you can use that for your good if you use corresponding tools. You Should Know How The Search Query Looks for the Locals When you decide on your SEO strategy…

    Relevancein SEO How To's- 8 readers -
  • GIFs Now on Instagram Stories

    …. There’s also a sneak peek of what’s coming up on this photo sharing site: a new feature to add media files without having to crop them, as you have to do now! Stay tuned for updates here. Seven Boats | Digital Marketing Agency India …

    Debajyoti Banerjee / Seven Boats- 6 readers -
  • How Can Digital Marketing Freelancers Avoid Late Payers

    … There’s nothing more frustrating than not getting paid for all the hard work you’ve done. Digital marketing freelancers need to spend a lot of time and effort on carefully designing and crafting campaigns, only not to be paid after successfully completing the project. After all, even freelancers have to make a living and pay bills. Your clients…

    Relevance- 8 readers -
  • Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow’s Book ‘The Storytelling Edge’ Now Available

    … Shane Snow, founder of Contently, and Joe Lazauskas, head of content strategy at Contently, are celebrating the launch of their new book today. The book, ‘The Storytelling Edge:’ How to Transform Your Business, Stop Screaming into the Void, and Make People Love You’ is an entertaining and informative look at how brand storytellers can use…

    Relevance- 9 readers -
  • Love is in the Air: Why We Love SEO

    … in our daily lives, SEO is an industry that is setting the trend on how digital marketing works. Being an SEO professional means that you are helping develop the future of marketing and advertising, while providing users with quality content. Marketing has evolved over the course of just a few years, and now that search engines and social media…

    SEO Hacker Blog- 7 readers -
  • How to Create a Simple Video Script for Content marketing

    … Content marketing is all the rage these days, and video is a natural extension. Have you ever thought about creating videos to drive traffic to your business? Using video in your online marketing can improve your SEO results, and increase customer engagement. No to mention, videos give you more places to promote your content. YouTube…

    Jeff Sauer/ Depth of Knowledge- 12 readers -
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