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    • Are your search marketers doing enough to increase ROI of PPC campaigns?

      I started my career as an Intern in a digital marketing agency. I was fresh out of college and got a call. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have an idea what exactly digital marketing is back then. Perhaps, I heard a couple of times about online marketing. As things turned out, I found it damn interesting. It is a world in itself. On the first day of the internship, we had a brief induction session.

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  • 6 Ways an Agency Can Support Your Internal SEO and Marketing Team

    … for the company. Not only is their time limited, but their knowledge and expertise usually is too. For example, staying on top of the developments in mobile, AMP, voice search, etc. and how they are going to affect digital marketing requires a significant amount of time and due diligence. Agency SEO teams can stay abreast of those trends and create high…

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  • How to measure your digital marketing efforts

    … Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Digital marketing. You know you have to do it. In fact you relish the challenge. But how do you know if your efforts are working? Turns out that’s a question countless agencies…

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  • 3 Great Benefits Of Working With A Digital Marketing Agency

    … agency. Here are 3 specific benefits of working with a digital marketing agency: A team of seasoned experts working on your project One primary difference you’ll find when working with a digital marketing agency that you’re certain to miss out on if you decided to leave your marketing to one or two people in your company is you’ll have a group… 15 readers -
  • Solving the measurement puzzle for your digital marketing agency

    … and marketing consultants. A survey, conducted by gShift, earlier this year in the US found that only 10 percent of 700 digital marketers interviewed were able to measure their digital marketing activities and investments through their entire sales funnel. The results from this survey also found that 50 percent were measuring their campaign…

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  • 7 Traits for Successful Digital Marketing Agency Client Relationships

    … professional relationships today. One of the larger investments that many organizations make today is in partnering with a digital marketing agency. The job of an agency is to understand who you are as a client and translate that message in a way that helps your brand better connect with target customers. Unfortunately, while 90% of agencies say…

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  • How to price your digital marketing services?

    … this year. But despite this, deciding how to price your digital marketing services can be a tricky balancing act between meeting your costs, out-bidding your competitors, offering value-for-money to your clients and, of course, making a profit. Luke Brynley-Jones has suggested that some agencies and consultants have adopted a harsh procedure of pricing…

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  • Welcome to the Inspiration Age. Are you Ready?

    … to put most marketing tactics and strategies in a box. Brands with big budgets could simply throw big money at advertising agencies and the remainder at more predictable marketing mediums such as traditional media, direct mail and email marketing. However, times are changing drastically. Now it’s practically a free for all. We are all the media…

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  • How should you position your digital marketing agency?

    … services you offer, it’s likely your company tag-line includes one of the following five descriptors that outline you operate online: web, online, digital, social or content. Which of these you choose to highlight may depend on your legacy positioning (in 2005 ‘web/online agencies’ were common), your current specialism (for example, ‘social media…

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  • 4 Signs That You Belong at a Digital Marketing Agency

    … as satisfying as my career at a digital marketing agency. Working at a digital marketing agency isn’t a fit for everyone. However, once you’ve been bitten by the agency bug, you’re hooked. If any of the signs below resonate with you, chances are you might be a fit for agency life. #1 – You Like a Fast-Paced Environment Working at a digital agency…

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  • Should marketing agencies specialise by skill or target market?

    … Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. When you first start out as an agency or consultancy it’s not uncommon to just offer what you know best: your specialism. But the reality in digital marketing is that, while many…

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  • Why digital agencies should remember testimonials and case studies

    … Ever heard the one about the handyman whose own house is a DIY disaster? Many digital agencies are simply too busy working on their clients’ marketing to focus on their own. But what if there was a reliable shortcut to winning new clients? You work in a digital agency. Chances are you don’t spend nearly as much time on your own marketing as you…

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