Digital Marketing Metrics

  • A Guide to Strategic Content Distribution Planning

    … My last article discussed why it’s important to have a strategic content distribution plan in place; this one focuses on the how. You don’t have to lift your eyes from the screen to see all the conversation around content marketing, its importance and how to do it well. But once you have the content, publish it and share it, how does…

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  • Beyond the Bread and Butter of Digital Marketing Metrics

    … points of the industry is also key. So, if you’re on the receiving end of that relationship and aren’t sure how to effectively measure the return on investment, or if you’re a marketing manager looking to strengthen the case for the efficacy of your work, this article is here to help. Let’s examine the variety of tools and digital marketing metrics…

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  • 3 Steps To Get Started With Cross-Channel Analysis

    … We are currently living through a Cambrian-level explosion of marketing channels. It seems like there is a new channel or device popping up every year, each with a new set of metrics, media and strategies. In the future, each marketing manager or analyst will be responsible for managing media across a greater number of different channels…

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