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  • How to Use Proprietary Data to Drive Media Coverage

    … it is right there, in your own backyard. Using proprietary data, such as customer surveys, market research, or even market insights based on your customers’ behaviour can provide you with a story that’s worth mentioning in, or any other publication you’re interested in. Here’s how to create your next data-driven PR campaign…

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  • PR Strategy: Why You Need It And How To Build A Strong One

    … In today’s digital landscape, there’s no question that a strategic multichannel approach is necessary for a successful marketing campaign. While public relations has historically been considered a separate entity outside of the overall marketing umbrella, both consumer demand and a saturated marketplace have created a clear need for the two…

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  • Public Relations Process: Guide to Online Media Relations

    …. That being said, the role of online media relations for nearly all businesses is more important than ever. While the same basic techniques and best practices of traditional PR hold true with digital PR, there are some additional elements to consider. As always, you still need to identify the key goals of your campaigns and determine exactly who your…

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  • How Content is Changing the Digital PR Process

    2 March 2016 BY Jodie Harris Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 5 seconds Content is not only changing the way we think about digital marketing, but also how we execute it. Content has the power to convince and covert when done right. It can play a pivotal role in social, SEO, CRO and the Digital PR process.

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  • Why Your Imagery is Affecting Your Digital PR Results

    … Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 2 seconds So, you have your little black book of contacts, you know your press release by heart and your PR pitch has been finely tuned, but there is one thing that might have been affecting your Digital PR results and that’s imagery. Imagery is hugely important for Digital PR and link acquisition. Without…

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  • Why Amazon is Prioritizing Digital PR in 2016

    … reputation and boost visibility on search engines. The biggest takeaways boil down to one thing — there is no shortcut when it comes to digital PR. To keep your brand’s reputation healthy, you must earn authentic reviews and links from your customers by providing a superior online experience that meets or exceeds expectations. When it comes to how…

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  • The Cliches You Need to Avoid When Recruiting Digital PR

    … ambiguous attributes classed as ‘qualities.’ PR in general is a hard one to recruit for, so it’s understandably harder to look for a Digital PR to join the team. Below are simple traits to avoid or to not take seriously when recruiting for a Digital PR. “Digital Savvy” First of all ‘Digital Savvy’ can be a number of things, from having a Facebook…

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  • How to Use Digital PR for Events

    … The events industry is one of many that needs to rely on its digital PR and marketing in order to thrive. Attending events and exhibitions have typically been very traditional and the slowest of industries to catch on to digital outreach, but those days are over. As the events industry is becoming increasingly competitive and with new events…

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  • Increase Web Traffic To A New Page with Digital PR Tactics

    … conversions. The internet is full of websites that provide specific resources to users seeking references on specific subject matter. So don’t undervalue the potential benefit from taking the extra time to pitch to these outlets as well. Using Digital PR to Increase Web Traffic To A New Page When it comes to launching a new page on an existing…

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  • Amplify Content Reach with Digital PR and SEO Visibility

    …, influencer shares are critical. This proves that having a team of digital PR specialists dedicated to building links a cut above the rest ensures high-quality content and results. While you might think that technical knowledge is the best opportunity to generate search exposure, successful link builders needs to blend SEO and outreach expertise…

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  • How Content Marketing Makes PR Relevant Again

    … As the realm of Digital PR evolves at a rapid pace, brands and PRs alike are generating new and innovative ideas to grab journalists’ attention and capture the brand’s audience. ‘Content Marketing’ is a term that the industry has been using for a while but some are still uncertain of its definition. For those who are still unsure, Content…

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  • The Top 5 Questions in Digital PR

    …We’ve answered the 5 most common questions people ask a Digital PR agency and busted some of the myths about how Digital PR fits into your brand’s marketing strategy. We did this with the help and expertise of Jodie Harris, our Head of Digital PR, and hope you find these definitions and tips helpful! 1. What is Digital PR? Digital PR is a tactic…

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