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Digital Universe is a free online information service founded in 2006. The project aims to create a "network of portals designed to provide high-quality information and services to the public". Subject matter experts are to be responsible for reviewing and approving content; contributors are to be both experts (researchers, scholars, educators) and the public.The project was founded in 2005 by Joe Firmage, CEO of ManyOne, with Bernard Haisch as the president. It launched in early 2006. Larry Sanger was a director, and helped with the launch of the project's Encyclopedia of Earth. Sanger left in late 2006 to launch Citizendium.
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  • How Does That Ad Get Into My Facebook Feed?

    … Ever wonder how a specific ad shows up in your Facebook feed? Why of all of the millions of ads in the digital universe, did a person or a computer pick that one? BuzzFeed pulls the curtain back for us today with a great summary. Now you know why you are seeing ads for health food, retirement funds or dating sites. The post How Does That Ad Get Into My Facebook Feed? appeared first on Daily Conversions. …

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