• 5 Reasons You Should Train Your Brain To Be A Better SEO

    … Brain-training, the latest en vogue term for what most people call “learning,” is a hot topic for SEO’s. Not because it is part and parcel with what we do everyday, but because it sounds really cool and trendy, which is our sort of thing. Also experts (Dingy) agree, “brain training” has a nice ring to it. Whether you call it brain training…

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  • Top Search Terms of 2015

    … to predict the future than our Digital Messiah – The marketer formerly know as Dingy*? So without further ado, here’s his list of the Top Search Terms of 2015 Sex Dingy Shuffle Free Porn Google Google.com Gogole Abe Vigoda Nude Pictures Leaked WTFSEO Taylor Swift Wedding Incident Who the heck is Ryan Jones As you can see…

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  • Meet WTFSEO’s New Digital Messiah – Dingy

    … Here at WTFSEO, we’ve decided that the best way for us to get the message out about how awesome this site is, and how spectacularly in tune with the industry we are, is for us to hire an evangelist to spread our message. Dingy talking about his paradigm changing, grass roots fed, social media marketing pivot plan at the WTFSEO corporate offices…

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