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  • Amazingly, .blockbuster will soon be a gTLD

    … concern. However, since that time all of its remaining Blockbuster stores have been closed down and the Blockbuster-branded streaming service has been renamed Sling. The web site at is a husk that hasn’t been updated since 2014. And yet the brand will shortly be at the cutting edge of online branding by having its own new gTLD. A dot-brand without a brand? Surely this will be among the most useless new gTLDs to hit the ‘net. Tweet Tagged: blockbuster, dish dbs, dot-brands, new gTLDs, trademarks …

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  • .phone will be restricted after Dish gTLD auction win

    … The new gTLD .phone is going to be tightly restricted, after Dish DBS won the contested string at auction. The American satellite communications firm beat Donuts to the gTLD, judging by Donuts’ withdrawal from the two-horse on Friday. This means that if you’re not a licensed telecoms or voice-over-IP service provider, you won’t be able…

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  • Google beaten to .dot for a paltry $700k

    … Dish DBS, a US satellite TV company, has beaten Google to the .dot new gTLD in an ICANN auction that fetched just $700,000. It’s further proof, if any were needed, that you don’t need to have the big bucks to beat Google at auction. Dish plans to use .dot as a single-registrant space, but unusually it’s not a dot-brand. According to its…

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