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  • How to Optimise PPC Image Adverts

    Pay per click advertising mainly contains three types of adverts. You can use the most popular form, the text advert, which will allow you both access to publisher websites and search results to promote your campaign. However, two areas advertisers do not tend to take advantage of are image and display adverts, which are the adverts which appear on publisher websites within the ...

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  • How To Make Gmail Ads More Effective – Tips And Strategies For Success

    … May 3, 2017 By now, you’ve probably heard of Gmail ads, or even tested them, as they’ve been around for several years. My early experiences with Gmail ads were a bit of a struggle, but as the product evolved there have definitely been some changes that have helped lead me to success with this ad unit. The biggest challenge with Gmail ads over…

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  • Ezoic Review 2017 – Everything You Want To Know

    … Over the past few years, I have had some experience with using Ezoic as the main source of income for one of my websites: AskWillOnline.com. It looked a very promising program to use that claimed to significantly improve the revenue your website produces from advertising. However, I did not have the best of experience with Ezoic which was mainly…

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  • Digital Media Buying Demystified (Infographic)

    … process. According to the infographic from Forrester and SteelHouse, nearly 90 percent of marketers already buy social advertising units. But they still invest in other types of advertisements, including display banner ads, mobile display ads, video ads and email marketing. Fraud is just one of the hurdles for marketers in the digital media space…

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  • Google Adsense vs Media.net for Publishers 2016

    … When it comes to choosing the best pay per click advertising program that will generate you the most amount of revenue, it can be seen that there are two main options: Adsense from Google and Media.net from the Yahoo Bing advertising network. For this reason, here is a breakdown analysis looking into both the PPC programs at the things that matter…

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  • Benefits and Drawbacks to Media.net

    … For the vast majority of people reading this article, if I mention pay per click advertising for publishers, the first program that will come into their head will be Google Adsense simply because it is the most used one out there and made by Google. However, for a few of you, you may say Media.net, which can be considered the main competitor…

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  • Tailor your ads with dynamic remarketing - Google Best Practices

    … Remarketing, to help advertisers win those crucial “ready-to-buy” moments with dynamic remarketing and relevant ads. As business data feeds are crucial to dynamic remarketing campaigns, this guide focuses on how to create and optimize your feeds. It covers topics such as: Setting up high-quality business data feeds Providing complete product…

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  • This Study Shows Publishers Actually Lose Money Running Bad Ads

    A friend shares a great article with you. Intrigued by the headline, you click, excited to read something smart, pithy, nuanced. But then something happens—you’re bombarded by ads. Perhaps it’s a small sidebar video that automatically plays with sound, maybe a blinking neon sign that floats around the browser taunting you.

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  • Beyond Search: Competitive Intelligence for PPC Display Advertising

    Feature photo source Written by Garrett Gan Search advertising is king when it comes to harvesting existing user intent, capturing a user right at their point of their evaluation, using the keywords they’ve typed in as a proxy for their interests right at that moment. But how does one generate interest, and provide true inspiration for a user that may not have known about a ...

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  • The War is On – Display v/s Search Advertising

    … is a perfect example of this definition. When visitors see your display ad on some blog or website, they are not there to buy your product, chances are they are not even aware of your product. However, it helps you create demand by generating awareness over and over again. Search ads, on the other hand, work on supply. Since people are already looking…

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  • Getting More Clicks and Conversions with Display Advertising

    … A problem often faced with display advertising—be it graphic banners or dynamic AdSense or Chitika ads—is getting users to click and, once clicked, to act upon the offer (i.e., convert). According to PageFair, worldwide usage of ad-blocking software has increased by 41 percent in the last 12 months. This, in addition to the fact that 54 percent…

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