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    • Digital Media Buying Demystified (Infographic)

      Ad spending and media buying is a complex and confusing system. While spending is up, there are more options than ever before, particularly when it comes to social marketing. An infographic from market research firm Forrester Research and cloud-based marketing and advertising platform SteelHouse examines the challenges in the media buying process.

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    • Benefits and Drawbacks to Media.net

      For the vast majority of people reading this article, if I mention pay per click advertising for publishers, the first program that will come into their head will be Google Adsense simply because it is the most used one out there and made by Google. However, for a few of you, you may say Media.net, which can be considered the main competitor to Google Adsense. What Media.

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    • Google Adsense vs Media.net for Publishers 2016

      When it comes to choosing the best pay per click advertising program that will generate you the most amount of revenue, it can be seen that there are two main options: Adsense from Google and Media.net from the Yahoo Bing advertising network. For this reason, here is a breakdown analysis looking into both the PPC programs at the things that matter most: the adverts themselves, ...

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  • Tailor your ads with dynamic remarketing - Google Best Practices

    … If you think people make purchase decisions quickly, think again. Today’s consumers visit websites at least 6 times, on average, in the purchase process.1 And for those who abandon a shopping cart, 75% say they intend on returning to a company’s website to make a purchase.2 We’ve created a new best practices guide, Tailor Your Ads with Dynamic…

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  • This Study Shows Publishers Actually Lose Money Running Bad Ads

    … impressions. And since estimates put the average CPM for display ads on publisher sites at about $3.00, a sizable chunk of which goes to the ad networks that serve them, it only takes some basic subtraction to realize that plenty of sites may actually be dragging themselves deeper into the red. This information should dissuade publishers from taking…

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  • Beyond Search: Competitive Intelligence for PPC Display Advertising

    … that may not have known about a product or topic prior to a search? Within the context of paid advertising, this can only be done with display ads. Here are some must-use competitive intelligence tools when it comes to spying on others and improving your paid PPC display campaigns. Quantcast Aside from comScore, Quantcast is the 800 pound…

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  • The War is On – Display v/s Search Advertising

    Written by Vivek Patel No digital marketer, at least the savvy one, must be unaware of the eMarketer study that show marketers will spend more moolah on display advertising, banner at all, than search advertising in 2016. Here’s a screenshot of the study. Image credit This might a bitter pill to swallow for paid search advocates who have upheld search advertising.

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  • Getting More Clicks and Conversions with Display Advertising

    … to a direct mail campaign may imply a different mind-set than someone who comes to a website via a social media link. “My tip for ecommerce sites is to look at the abandon rates from your checkout funnel, by source of the visitor.” Weber adds, “In particular, the abandon rate between the cart and the first stage of the main checkout process. Sources…

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  • How Publishers Can Drive, Maintain and Monetize Content

    … to interact with readers without disrupting their experience on your website. Native ads often cost less to produce than banner ads and provide a more versatile, engaging experience for readers. For example, mobile banner ads can interfere with readers’ natural flow through a piece, prompting some to flat-out ignore the display or, worse, leave…

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  • 4 Ways to Combat Growing Display Advertising Fraud

    … through laser-targeted ads based on consumer demographics, psychographics, affinities and behaviors. If your display strategy is still rooted in simple awareness-based banner ads, you’re missing out. Adjust your approach by looking beyond impressions and measuring success on the basis of performance (leads acquired and products purchased). Display…

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  • Is Display Advertising Really in Trouble?

    … to this pressure. It may sound cliché, but according to Solve Media, you’re more likely to: survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad get into MIT than click on a banner ad complete Navy SEAL training than click on a banner ad I wouldn’t suggest sounding the death knell for display advertising just quite yet, however. While many of the signs…

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