Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of advertising that typically contains text (i.e., copy), logos, photographs or other images, location maps, and similar items. In periodicals, display advertising can appear on the same page as, or on the page adjacent to, general editorial content. In contrast, classified advertising generally appears in a distinct section, was traditionally text-only, and was available in a limited selection of typefaces. Display advertisements are not required to contain images, audio, or video: Textual advertisements are also used where text may be more appropriate or more effective.
Posts about Display Advertising
    • Vistar adds first-party data to out-of-home (OOH) ad targeting through LiveRamp partnership

      Step by step, out-of-home (OOH) advertising is becoming just another kind of online inventory. This week, New York City-based Vistar Media expanded its repertoire through a partnership with data provider Acxiom’s onboarding unit, LiveRamp. According to Vistar CEO Michael Provenzano, this is the first use of first-party customer relationship management (CRM) data for targeti ...

      Marketing Land- 16 readers -
    • The future of digital advertising creativity and how to get ready

      “So what does this mean for advertising creativity?“ I had been presenting the “MAdTech” mash-up — the intersection of media, advertising and technology — to a group of marketing execs at a Fortune 50 company when the most senior among them threw down the gauntlet. “So what?” she asked. “We understand that the environment is changing inextricably, but what do we do now to ...

      Peter Minnium/ Marketing Land- 13 readers -
    • The truth about transparency in digital advertising

      Look through the websites of technology providers throughout the advertising ecosystem, and you’re bound to see some variation of the word “transparent” as a key value proposition across many of them. My employer, Nanigans, is no exception. It’s presently a hot term for online advertising in general, particularly in light of a report on the subject from the Association of Na ...

      Andrew Waber/ Marketing Land- 12 readers -
  • How you should be leveraging native ads in 2017

    … As advertisers plan 2017 media budgets, native advertising needs to be a discussion point. While many interpretations exist, the most agreed-upon definition of native advertising is “a form of paid media in which the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.” Essentially, an ad…

    Marketing Landin Display How To's- 8 readers -
  • The truth about channel marketing: everything you have been told is wrong

    … products in the hands of potential customers: It takes a lot of time and money to execute channel marketing programs. About 50 percent of the money brands give to partners for marketing will go unused. Partners don’t know how to execute high-ROI digital campaigns. But these are all challenges based on a 20th-century view of technology. The cloud…

    Marketing Landin Display- 11 readers -
  • Size matters: 5 tips for creating LEAN programmatic creative

    … advertising now accounts for more than two-thirds of all digital display ad spending in the US, but since it calls for multiple ad versions, creative best practices aren’t as widely known or easily executed. Here are five tips for creating effective LEAN ads, particularly for programmatic creative executions. [Read the full article on MarTech…

    Marketing Landin Display- 9 readers -
  • Pathmatics acquires WhatRunsWhere

    … Barry Levine covers marketing technology for Third Door Media. Previously, he covered this space as a Senior Writer for VentureBeat, and he has written about these and other tech subjects for such publications as CMSWire and NewsFactor. He founded and led the web site/unit at PBS station Thirteen/WNET; worked as an online Senior Producer/writer…

    Marketing Landin Display- 12 readers -
  • Update: FTC holds Warner Brothers accountable for online influencer deception

    … Following a brouhaha in July after the FTC spanked Warner Brothers for promoting a product without full disclosure about their engagement with the brand, the governmental agency has announced that it has come to an agreement with the entertainment conglomerate. In an unanimous Commission vote, Warner Brothers is now not allowed to misrepresent…

    Marketing Landin Display- 10 readers -
  • A different view on viewability

    After reading Google’s report that 56 percent of digital ads marketers paid for never had a prayer of being seen by an actual consumer, one could hear a collective sigh of relief when the Media Rating Council announced a standard for measuring viewability. It wasn’t perfect, but at least advertisers could rest assured that unless 50 percent of their ad was visible in the con ...

    Rob Rasko/ Marketing Land- 13 readers -
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