Display Advertising: Ad Blocking

    • The evolution required to achieve a sustainable online ecosystem

      Ad blocking certainly got the industry talking in 2016. It was included for the first time on Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising and cited as a critical issue in LUMA’s annual State of Digital Media report. It also acted as a positive catalyst for change with increased emphasis on creating high-quality, targeted ad campaigns, as illustrated by ini ...

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  • Why B2B marketers should care about whitelisting

    A company’s most valuable asset is often its brand — so brand safety is a big concern for most businesses. No brand wants its products associated with hate speech, porn or extreme politics, which is something that marketing technology companies understand and deal with on a daily basis. While industry experts are still debating which method is best for ensuring brand safety ...

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  • Q4 must-knows for CMOs: Crucial developments across channels

    …” to drive personalization and experience customization based on available user data. As our CEO, David Rodnitzky, has often said, “Mo’ channels, mo’ data, mo’ problems” — and that’s compounded this year. We’ve seen a much bigger focus on attribution, with social, video and content demanding more marketing dollars for the top of the funnel…

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  • Why building relevant ads in a cookie-free world comes down to context

    … Targeted ads work. If the rise of digital has taught marketers anything, it’s that advertising must be highly relevant to achieve any kind of cut-through, but there is one proviso: consumers are willing to accept targeted ads­­ only if they do not intrude on their privacy. According to a Millward Brown survey exploring video — the ad format…

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  • Does the IAB’s first ad-blocking study provide the “missing stat”?

    … From the IAB report Earlier this month, I posted a story that pointed out there’s a key missing stat in all the data about ad blocking: Where is the data showing that, if ads were more relevant or less annoying or less privacy-invading or loaded quicker, most if not all users of ad blockers would stop using them, or would delete the one…

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  • Changing the Cannes conversation: Creativity isn’t enough

    … users in the US, according to the Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report. So what was the main proposed solution discussed on the Boulevard de la Croisette? Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the key takeaways was that the industry must improve advertising creative as a means of coping with the rising usage of ad-blocking tools. It’s not necessarily…

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