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    • Publishers: Tell your users what they’re getting out of viewing ads

      Despite Facebook’s claim that publisher adoption of Instant Articles has increased by 27 percent since the beginning of 2017, the fact that publishers such as The Guardian have removed their inventory from the platform sends a clear message to the industry: monetization of content through the platform is becoming increasingly challenging, while more needs to be done to build transparency and t.

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  • 4 lessons from a decade of ad tech disruption

    … and understand its outcomes. Today’s advertisers operate with a keener eye toward the details, second-guessing their claims and results, no longer taking anything for granted. These general lessons from ad tech are applicable across the full marketing stack, especially as the lines between ad tech and martech begin to blur. [Read the full article on MarTech…

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  • Are you grateful for digital?

    … The internet is both the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to us. (And I say that as someone who’s invested in a vast portfolio of digital advertising technology companies.) It’s the best because we can do so much and do it anywhere and any time it suits us; we can work with global partners without ever leaving our desks; we can stream…

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  • Adblock Plus names independent Acceptable Ads Committee

    …, Google, Facebook, the IAB and major advertisers formed the Coalition for Better Ads last September. The initiative is aimed at forming standards and developing technology to improve online advertising. In Feburary, ad-blocking startup Shine rebranded as Rainbow with a focus on ad filtering against IAB and other ad standards at the mobile carrier…

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  • Ad-blocking concerns shift to the video ad industry

    … to circumvent the software. While ad blocking has so far been a general issue across the entire online ecosystem, 2017 will be the year it becomes a major concern for the video advertising industry. So what makes ad blocking particularly relevant to video advertising, and how can its impact be reduced? [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some…

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  • The evolution required to achieve a sustainable online ecosystem

    … Ad blocking certainly got the industry talking in 2016. It was included for the first time on Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising and cited as a critical issue in LUMA’s annual State of Digital Media report. It also acted as a positive catalyst for change with increased emphasis on creating high-quality, targeted ad…

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  • Why B2B marketers should care about whitelisting

    … is best for ensuring brand safety throughout marketing and advertising campaigns, there are strong solutions available today. One tactic many businesses take to combat the issue of unintentional advertising on controversial websites is to “blacklist” them, which means selecting certain sites to avoid in ad placements. In light of recent coverage…

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  • Q4 must-knows for CMOs: Crucial developments across channels

    …. If your company doesn’t have an aggressive culture of testing, particularly in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and GDN campaigns, this should let you take your foot off the brakes. • Rolling back enhanced campaigns and giving advertisers the ability to segment campaigns by device have been a pleasant surprise. We have yet to revert many campaigns…

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  • Why building relevant ads in a cookie-free world comes down to context

    … Targeted ads work. If the rise of digital has taught marketers anything, it’s that advertising must be highly relevant to achieve any kind of cut-through, but there is one proviso: consumers are willing to accept targeted ads­­ only if they do not intrude on their privacy. According to a Millward Brown survey exploring video — the ad format…

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