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  • Does the IAB’s first ad-blocking study provide the “missing stat”?

    From the IAB report Earlier this month, I posted a story that pointed out there’s a key missing stat in all the data about ad blocking: Where is the data showing that, if ads were more relevant or less annoying or less privacy-invading or loaded quicker, most if not all users of ad blockers would stop using them, or would delete the one they have, or would not download one? I haven’t seen th.

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  • Changing the Cannes conversation: Creativity isn’t enough

    … users in the US, according to the Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report. So what was the main proposed solution discussed on the Boulevard de la Croisette? Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the key takeaways was that the industry must improve advertising creative as a means of coping with the rising usage of ad-blocking tools. It’s not necessarily…

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  • “I love advertising,” said no one ever

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  • The conventional wisdom on ad blocking is missing one key statistic

    The conventional wisdom about ad blockers goes like this: Users would stop using ad blockers if they got more value, or less annoyance, or less privacy invasion, or less malware from online ads. But that’s missing a key statistic that ties feelings about ads to action about ad blockers. Two weeks ago, for instance, the Reuters Digital News report found two of the leading reasons in the U.S.

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  • 3 strategies to survive the “Adblockalypse”

    … Poor, aggrieved advertising just can’t catch a break. Even in the good old days, when families gathered in living rooms to watch TV, advertising needed to run the gauntlet to be effective: creating an opportunity to see, capturing attention, leaving a branded impression, delivering a message, and finally, changing attitudes and behavior. I’ve…

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