Display Advertising: Ad Blocking

  • The 7 rules of respectful marketing

    … strong, plain-language privacy policies, and go publisher direct via private marketplaces where appropriate to reduce ad fraud. 4. Consider taking your programmatic in-house Many major brands are setting up in-house programmatic efforts to reduce costs, gain transparency into what they’re buying and keep control of their first-party data. It’s…

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  • Publishers: Tell your users what they’re getting out of viewing ads

    … to the current subscription model. Until now, the media industry has functioned by providing supposedly free content while exposing consumers to some form of advertising. However, with consumers taking a stance against irrelevant or intrusive advertising, evidenced by the recent rise in the adoption of ad-blocking software, this traditional model…

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  • When is a native ad not native? Understanding it’s all about context

    … interruption contributes to ad blindness, ad avoidance, and ultimately, ad blocking. The stakes increase when advertising shares space in the news feed, so we need to get “native” right. The other side of context The way publishers roll out new ad units into their editorial feed is critically important. It turns out that throwing tons of new ad units…

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  • 4 lessons from a decade of ad tech disruption

    … detailing the extent of ad fraud, the vast quantity of non-viewable impressions, the prevalence of ad blocking and the opaque measurement practices by those who came to be known as the walled gardens. As much as new technology forced changes to our business, these crises of confidence forced changes to the way we approach the technology…

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  • Adblock Plus’s parent company buys content micropayment service Flattr

    … and the previous Flattr service, which had required the user to click a button to “flatter” the site. Now, Flattr — which says it has paid more than 30,000 online content creators over its lifetime — is making Flattr Plus its main service. Adblock Plus is the most popular ad-blocking software, with more than 100 million users worldwide, so Flattr Plus…

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  • Are you grateful for digital?

    … that shiny new toy? So really, who can blame consumers for blocking ads? The marketer has trained the consumer to be an intrinsic ad blocker, ignoring everything. When we’re driven to creating ever more intrusive ads, it’s the only way they can preserve their own user experience. The marketer must find a way to reach consumers that’s unobtrusive…

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