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    • A digital marketing CEO’s prescription to cure advertising fraud

      Challenges around viewability, media metrics and transparency in the advertising inventory supply chain have festered for more than a decade, and they’ve recently hit a fever pitch. We see marketers increasingly demanding accountability for their digital media spends and looking for transparent and standard metrics to support digital advertising effectiveness.

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    • How to fight against online ad fraud (in 6 steps)

      How do you fight ad misplacement and fraudulent advertising? First of all, it’s hard. No media buyer can guarantee complete brand safety, nor can they ensure that every single impression is from a real person rather than a bot. A percentage of any digital advertising spend, at least for the foreseeable future, will either be wasted on non-human traffic (NHT) or served on inappropriate sites.

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    • How bots ruin on-site experiences for real humans

      From the rugged alleys of Sweetwater to Facebook feeds filled with fake news, the impact of bots has never been greater. With bots now accounting for a majority of online traffic, they have moved on from just giving marketers headaches to destabilizing digital economies and perhaps even electing presidents.

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  • From viewable to verified: Here comes the next phase of audience-based buying

    … viewability standards was initially met with fear. Reports about fraud and hidden pixels sparked some very uncomfortable conversations between advertisers, agencies and publishers — but they also led to the growth of a new facet of the industry and a market for companies like MOAT and Integral Ad Science. But knowing that an ad was viewed or clicked…

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  • Methbot: The beginning of the end for digital ad fraud

    … The latest ad fraud scandal to hit the digital advertising world has been exposed, and its name is Methbot. A Russia-based botnet with data centers in the Netherlands and the United States, this digital-age criminal network deploys sophisticated tricks to defraud advertisers, brands and media companies. Now that security firm White Ops has…

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  • Are you losing money to ad fraud? 3 ways to protect yourself

    … What is ad fraud? Ad fraud comes in all shapes and sizes and can’t be explained by one definition. The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards released a report in 2015 to demystify the world of fraudulent advertising online. They listed 16 versions of ad fraud including: non-browser user behavior — activity that is not associated with human…

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  • 5 ways digital marketers can make healthier impressions

    Imagine this, digital marketers: Instead of distributing virtual ads anonymously in cyberspace, you have to pass out flyers to people you meet face-to-face. You spot someone reading a tablet over lunch at a sidewalk café. Would you walk up, wordlessly place your flyer right over the screen on their tablet and walk away? Of course you wouldn’t.

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  • TAG launches “Certified Against Fraud” program

    … The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) announced Monday that it is launching its “Certified Against Fraud” certification program. Initially announced in October, over thirty ad tech and agency partners have now signed on to participate in the initiative aimed rooting out fraud in digital advertising: Amobee, AppNexus, Collective, comScore…

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