Display Advertising: Ad Fraud

  • The 7 rules of respectful marketing

    Consumers are in open rebellion about how they’re disrespectfully treated by your marketing. Millions now use ad blockers to escape the relentless barrage of online ads, resulting in 32 percent of global page views being impacted by ad blocking. And the rest don’t need an ad blocker because they’re conditioned to ignore the ad.

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  • On the internet, advertisers want to know if you’re really a dog

    …, the internet. You could be your true self. Or you could get away from your true self. You were defined by your actions. Now, nearly a quarter of a century later, three of the biggest drivers of change in marketing, advertising and content have one thing in common. Essentially, they are looking to rewrite that cartoon. [Read the full article…

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  • At IAB Programmatic Symposium, digital advertising looks to grow up

    … “Like Tom Hanks [in the movie ‘Big,’], we have to grow up.” That’s how Michael Barrett, president and CEO of ad tech firm Rubicon Project, described the central task of digital advertising in his keynote address last week at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Programmatic Symposium in New York City. About 80 percent of all online…

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  • Ad fraud detection: A guide for marketers

    …, especially for marketers new to display advertising. So we need to keep talking about it, even if it’s uncomfortable to acknowledge. Ad fraud is particularly important for marketers to understand. If you don’t detect and avoid fraud, it will poison all other areas of optimization: context (brand safety), viewability and performance. After all…

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  • Zvelo complements its free bot detection with first page-level breakdown

    …) dataset and priced at a monthly fee based in part on usage, it looks at each ad impression and determines how much traffic is non-human (e.g., bots) or low-quality (e.g., human-powered click farms). [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] About The Author Barry Levine covers marketing technology for Third Door Media. Previously, he covered…

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  • My advice to Google and Facebook on brand safety

    … of the thousands of other digital media companies, it’s incumbent upon you to ensure the sanctity of your product and relationship with your customers. The need for transparency In my last article, A digital marketing CEO’s prescription to cure advertising fraud, I laid out a recipe for the marketing industry to combat ad fraud. With the rise…

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  • Oracle adds ad verification to its data wheelhouse by acquiring Moat

    … Oracle has taken another step to enlarge its data capabilities, announcing Tuesday that it has agreed to buy ad verification firm Moat. Moat specializes in viewability, brand safety and detecting non-human traffic. Oracle said it will remain independent, providing analytics to brands like Nestlé and to publishers like NBCUniversal and ESPN…

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  • 4 lessons from a decade of ad tech disruption

    … detailing the extent of ad fraud, the vast quantity of non-viewable impressions, the prevalence of ad blocking and the opaque measurement practices by those who came to be known as the walled gardens. As much as new technology forced changes to our business, these crises of confidence forced changes to the way we approach the technology…

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