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  • Are you losing money to ad fraud? 3 ways to protect yourself

    What is ad fraud? Ad fraud comes in all shapes and sizes and can’t be explained by one definition. The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards released a report in 2015 to demystify the world of fraudulent advertising online. They listed 16 versions of ad fraud including: non-browser user behavior — activity that is not associated with human behavior; hidden ads — e.g.

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  • 5 ways digital marketers can make healthier impressions

    … doing it. But somebody is. And, again, everybody loses — marketers and consumers alike. Step 4: Make all ads contextual Given the advances in programmatic advertising, there’s little reason today to present an ad that is just an ad — a display that you simply stick in front of the consumer, with no regard for context. Content marketing is inherently…

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  • TAG launches “Certified Against Fraud” program

    … The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) announced Monday that it is launching its “Certified Against Fraud” certification program. Initially announced in October, over thirty ad tech and agency partners have now signed on to participate in the initiative aimed rooting out fraud in digital advertising: Amobee, AppNexus, Collective, comScore…

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  • How to protect yourself against ad fraud

    … We have come a long way in our examination of online ad fraud. So far, we have learned: what ad fraud looks like, why it exists and who should be responsible for stopping it. Today, we are going to learn about the practical matter of protecting yourself, as a marketer, against ad fraud. In a perfect world, fraudulent inventory would never make…

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  • Google Takes On Clickjacking

    … Among its latest efforts to address online display advertising fraud, Google says it has rolled out new defenses against clickjacking. What is clickjacking? If you’ve ever clicked on a button or tried to play a video on a web page and been taken unexpectedly to another web page, you’ve likely been a victim of clickjacking. Hackers essentially…

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  • Fight ad fraud through innovation… just like the ancient Greeks

    …, and when the Trojans brought the gift inside the walls, the Greeks gained entry into the city undetected. After a 10-year war, innovation delivered (in a single night) a complete and utter Greek victory. Although ad fraud is technically also old news, it continues to make global headlines. Perhaps that’s because a year after the Association of National…

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  • Alliance for Audited Media launches its ad blocker detection service

    … On the heels of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) recently released primer on ad blocking, the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) has launched an Ad Block Gauge so websites can detect ad blockers. It comes in a standalone version, or as part of the Illinois-based organization’s new Site Certifier tool for website and app metrics. Vice…

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  • Who Should Be Responsible For Stopping Programmatic Ad Fraud?

    … In the first two installments of this ad fraud series, we examined what ad fraud looks like and discussed the reasons why ad fraud exists. In this third installment, we look at the various participants in the supply chain, and determine who should be responsible for stopping ad fraud. The programmatic ad ecosystem is very compartmentalized…

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  • The War On Bots: No Time For Doom & Gloom

    …, the IAB estimated $8.2 billion in losses from all fraud sources, including bots, infringed content and malware. Digital ad fraud and viewability issues were two lightning-rod topics in digital advertising in 2015, and this report may have a disheartening effect on the industry. Many might conclude that fighting ad fraud is too difficult…

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