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  • 15 ways to ride the audience wave

    …If you're not taking advantage of the slew of targeting options available for audiences, you're missing out. Columnist Kevin Lee shares 15 tools you should have in your targeting toolbox. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. …

    Marketing Land- 22 readers -
  • In digital, lack of oversight is a major blunder

    …Is the fight against ad fraud too little, too late? Columnist Lewis Gersh believes all is not completely lost if digital advertisers can improve oversight and reduce waste. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article…

    Marketing Land- 11 readers -
  • Using the ‘Russia strategy’ on programmatic

    …There's no question that Russia's meddling with US politics is perturbing, but columnist Kevin Lee believes some of the strategies can be applied to programmatic campaigns. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article…

    Marketing Land- 14 readers -
  • 7 killer ad tips for YouTube & video

    …Looking to add video advertising to your marketing mix? Columnist Kevin Lee shares some advice for ways to take advantage of YouTube's video advertising platform. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. …

    Marketing Landin Social- 11 readers -
  • Avoid programmatic fraud with these strategic tips

    … that’s optimized towards this metric, then, is exposing itself to more fraud. Pixalate’s latest report on “programmatic click fraud” shows click fraud to be prevalent across all screens and growing at alarming rates. The report also proves fraud follows dollars and that there’s a proliferation of click fraud happening, not just in display, but also…

    Soo Jin Oh/ Marketing Landin Display- 19 readers -
  • P&G fought online advertising, and online advertising won

    … ads weren’t being placed according to our standards” reference was a not-very-opaque reference to YouTube and the hullabaloo around brand safety earlier this year. And the “bot” reference is no doubt a critique of display advertising — both programmatic and premium. Is this really P&G’s problem? When P&G says anything about advertising…

    David Rodnitzky/ Marketing Landin Display- 28 readers -
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