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    • The New World Of PPC Targeting

      January 12, 2017 This post is part of the Hero Conf Los Angeles Speaker Blog Series. Brad Geddes will join 50+ PPC experts sharing their paid search and social expertise at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event, April 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA. Like what you read? Find out more about Hero Conf. For years, the most commonly referred to stat for PPC was that average conversion rates were 2-4%.

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    • 60% Better CTR With Google DSK Campaigns & Other Real World Results

      December 22, 2016 Years ago Google introduced a product that paired low-funnel high-intent sites with contextual keywords. This GDN product was retired, only to be re-released this year in the form of beta, DSK Campaigns. What is Google offering in this campaign type? DSK stands for Display Select Keywords, meaning you only target the most promising keywords and when you ...

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  • 4 AdRoll Optimizations You Wouldn’t Expect To Work (But Do)

    … and decreased CPCs and CPA. 1) Update Ads Frequently It’s no surprise AdRoll recommends updating ad creative as often as possible. Any Display ads become stale to users since they are seeing the same creative day after day. Besides improving click-through-rate, updating ad creative can also lower CPCs. The AdRoll algorithm favors the most recently…

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  • Down The Rabbit Hole – Optimizing Programmatic Campaigns

    … the better performing device. This strategy is extremely important in the cases of brands that do not have consistent user experience across all devices. 3) Exchange Performance Reports Believe it or not, there are more ad networks than GDN. Much more! And it can be overwhelming. Programmatic platforms allow us to access all of these different sources…

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  • Mobile Display Is The Future…Know Your Ad Types!

    … types that aren’t so common. Rich Media – This type of ad often contains some sort of interactivity. This could include social media aspects, video, and imagery and can be served in the following formats: Expandable Retractable Pop-ups Floating interactive Image Source: MobileAds.com Video Ads – Included in the Rich Media format, but expanded upon…

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  • Using Google Analytics To Power AdWords Campaigns

    … to “Audiences > Interests > Affinity Categories.” 3) Next, in AdWords, you will use this information from Analytics to set-up and launch your Display campaign. Choose a “Display Network Only” campaign (I chose to drive action, but adjust to your goals accordingly) Choose how to target your ads by selecting “Interest & Remarketing…

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Display Network Performance By Using Layered Targeting

    … August 29, 2016 Display campaigns can be difficult when it comes to targeting the right audience. In fact, many campaigns end up utilizing a single main targeting type such as: Keywords Topics Interests/behavior through affinity or in-market segments Managed placements These are all great strategies, but can still leave the targeting broader…

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  • How Should You Use Display Advertising?

    …” – this is a prime example of Native advertising. How Do Clients Use Display Advertising? You may associate Display advertising with remarketing. Though you are correct, the Display Network offers so much more. Having become more sophisticated since it’s conception, advertisers can serve up ads based on the content of a website (contextually), or behavior…

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  • How To Choose Your Google Display Network Audiences

    … searching for moving and relocation, you could exclude. Another search showed that commercial properties also saw zero transactions. These interests would be worth excluding. Conclusion Hopefully, this article has given you ideas on how you can find potential targeting for the Display Network. …

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  • Google Announces Significant Change to Display Network

    … When it comes to digital advertising, there is no name bigger than Google. With millions of people relying on them for online advertising it is important to keep a close eye on all their activities. That is why the announcement from the VP of product management of the Google Display Network, Brad Bender was so important. When speaking at the SMX…

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  • [New Whitepaper!] Getting Started with Display Advertising: 6 Things You Should Know

    …) prior to a user showing intent with a search. In the whitepaper, we’ll discuss why you should do Display Advertising and the 6 things you should know as you get started. In this Whitepaper we’ll discuss: The difference in strategies when considering budgetHow to exclude mobile apps quickly and easilyAnalyzing using images ads versus text adsLooking at remarketing performance differently than non-remarketingMay 28, 2015…

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  • Simplify With The Google Analytics New Display Advertiser Features

    … that allow you to use these types of features. In addition to the remarketing capabilities, you can also use: Google Display Network Impression Reporting DoubleClick Platform integrations Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting However, you will need to update your privacy policy since this action changes the type of data you’re collecting…

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  • Be Smarter About Your Display Network Placements

    … Are you new to running campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN)? Looking for a way to optimize your automatic placements campaign? Thinking managed placements is the way to go? Here’s something to keep in mind as you continue to develop a strong presence on the Display Network. Setting up Keyword Contextual Targeting campaigns…

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  • Determining The Most Impactful Ad Types

    … are further along in the buying cycle, they are plain text, making it difficult to stand out. Display allows advertisers to create more appealing ads, increase brand awareness, and extend their reach to new potential customers to which they may not normally interact. They have a very broad reach including YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and 2 million plus…

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  • Moving Beyond Keyword Targeting In 2015

    … Series week continues at PPC Hero as we try to write about the same topic every day. This week’s topic is predictions for 2015. When I’m asked to think about 2015, the first area I assess is how keyword targeting seems like it’s becoming less relevant, and there are so many new alternatives to targeting ads. I fully expect all the new features…

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