• Infographic: The State of Content Strategy

      Everyone knows that developing a content strategy is essential for content marketing success. Well, just about everyone. According to our recent survey of people who subscribe to The Content Strategist, 98 percent of senior marketers believe strategy is important. So how are marketers turning that belief into action? While it’s clear everyone believes in strategy, not everyone ...

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    • Every Minute, the Internet Goes Through an Incredible Amount of Content

      How many apps can you scroll through in 60 seconds? When I’m really in the zone, I can post on Facebook, shoot a text to my friend, like some Instagram photos, and maybe even go through some of my LinkedIn feed. I bet I’m not the only one capable of that digital dexterity. There’s a tremendous amount of activity taking place online, and it seems like there’s always more content to consume.

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  • Audiences Can’t Get Enough of Wonder Woman Video Content

    … and engagement trends and earned media outcomes for this superheroine film’s clips. Wonder Woman Content Is Kicking A$$ and Taking Names Across the Board Since May 1, 2016, the views on both official and user-generated content (UGC) have been fairly similar, though views on official trailers and previews are higher (this difference can probably…

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  • Group Nine Media steals the show at #NewFronts2017

    … To finish off my visit to the 2017 Digital Content NewFronts I had front row seats at the Group Nine Media event. If you aren’t familiar with Group Nine, then just click on the latest Tubular leaderboards and check out the Top Media & Entertainment Properties. In April 2017, Group Nine Media ranked #8 with almost 3.3 billion (with a “b…

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  • The Marketer’s Guide to Targeting on the Web and Facebook

    … When it comes to successful advertising online, the way your ad looks will always matter. But targeting that ad to a specific audience is really the secret sauce in any effective digital marketing campaign. You can build an ad that combines an engaging, clickable headline; some I-need-to-know-more text; a captivating, colorful image; and a strong…

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  • Ask a Content Guy: How Do I Scale My Content Marketing Program?

    My buzzword of the year is “scale.” At some point over the past 12 months, everyone seemed to simultaneously realize that simply saying the word “scale” would make them sound smart as hell in any meeting. When I wrote “scale” into the headline of this article, my first thought was that I’m an all-powerful god. My second thought was that this headline is going to absolutely kill it in search.

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  • Here’s Why Infographics Outperform Blog Posts

    … and engagement. While infographics might—depending on the amount of design involved—cost more to produce upfront, when you factor in their reach, there is significantly more value per reader compared to a blog post. The dark side of infographic distribution The next question is, if infographics are shared more and have higher engagement rates than…

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  • A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Media Sensation Jukin Media

    … and campaign status updates, speak with distribution partners about upcoming programming, meet with potential candidates or business partners, and share future plans with various stakeholders at the company. Review - One of the most fun parts of the job is watching the incredible content our team puts together, and the great UGC videos coming in from…

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  • Instagram Video Was the Big Hit of Viacom’s 2016 VMA’s

    … on platforms like Instagram. In the case of the VMA’s, which combines celebrity fandom with music, digital video distribution on social video channels will be an essential factor towards the future of this historically important event. …

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  • A Day in the Life: BBC Worldwide's YouTube Channel Manager Thomas Martin

    … manager position at BBC Worldwide? Thomas Martin: I’d worked at BBC Worldwide for five years prior to moving into the YouTube team, in the international sales and distribution team, licensing BBC Video to digital platforms around Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. My direct experience (other than being a voracious consumer) of YouTube…

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  • 9 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content Like a Pro

    … distribution. Guess what? Video is actually quite simple to repurpose. With some planning and a thoughtful approach, one video story can be told in dozens of different ways. Why Repurpose Video Content? Improved SEO Better audience targeting Wider distribution More video views A way to refresh outdated content OK, so now you’re ready to start…

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