Dog Years

For units of measure primarily used in countries where English is not the main language, see the article specific to that country, a list of which can be found in the systems of measurement article.For unusual units of measure invented primarily for amusement, see List of humorous units of measurement.An unusual unit of measurement is a unit of measurement that does not form part of a coherent system of measurement; especially in that its exact quantity may not be well known or that it may be an inconvenient multiple or fraction of base units in such systems.
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  • Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 2

    … visibility of our clients’ online presences to connect with their target audience so they can achieve their conversion goals. It will be crucial to consider these goals and principles with the existing “search ecosystem” in 2020 to make the most out of it. Marcus Tandler 2020 is a long time away. Internet years are like dog years, so I wouldn’t…

    Trond Lyngbø/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content Twitter- 35 readers -
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