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    • How to check your Domain Authority: 4 tools to use

      Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that serves as a handy heuristic in the SEO industry. Put simply, it provides insight into how likely a site is to rank for specific keywords, based on the SEO authority it holds. There are numerous tools that can help us arrive at these useful scores. Below, we round up some of the most accurate and intuitive ways to see a site’s SEO equity.

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  • Three Powerful Strategies to Hack On-Page SEO [Case Study]

    … engines. What we look at in this article is the final part of the process- ranking. How does a search engine decide whether a page or website deserves to rank? It looks at authority and relevance. Simply put, authority is about off-page SEO; while relevance is about on-page SEO. A good proxy for authority is domain and page authority. Those are two…

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  • Marketing 101: What is link juice?

    …. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Mass Communications and Film Studies from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., and was a correspondent for USA Today College prior to joining MECLABS Institute. Twitter | LinkedIn | Courtney's Posts | Send a Letter to the Editor Categories: Marketing Tags: domain authority, google algorithm, industry, jargon, link juice, marketing 101, SEM, SEO, terms, vocab …

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  • The Idiot’s Guide to Link Metrics

    … kinds of link metrics such as Page Authority and Domain Authority. Basically, these kinds of metrics try to answer how strong/authoritative is the page where you will be creating the link. So, how can you integrate these link metrics into your overall SEO metrics, and when should you do this? Page Authority Page Authority is the collection…

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  • 5 Lesser-Known Tips That Professional Bloggers Won’t Tell

    … content. It’s not a mandatory that you have to reinvent the wheel, meaning you can find how your competitors monetize their sites to draw more traffic. You can make use of the same idea that your competitors use and outperform them to captivate your readers better than your competitors and boost your sites’ traffic. 2. Guest blogging and building…

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  • How Do You Increase Website Domain Authority?

    … Domain Authority (DA) is a metric created by Moz. DA is measured numerically – from 0 to 100. It is considered by many to be a solid way to determine the quality of a website and that it affects search engine rankings. While there are some SEO experts who believe that Moz’s DA is flawed and cannot guarantee the quality of a website in Google’s…

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