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    • 6 Domain Buying Strategies to Skyrocket Your Digital Revenues

      There’s money to be made by buying domains. It’s not limited to being an indirect part of a money-making online venture like buying a domain name to be used for a monetized blog or online store. This post does not aim to show how it’s possible to make money with expensive domain names. You can make domain names additional sources of revenues especially if you employ the right ...

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  • Pros & Cons of Using a New TLD for Your Blog

    … You can tell an old-school New Yorker by their area code: If someone still has a phone number that begins with 212, they’ve been holding onto that number for years. Once, all of New York carried the 212, but around 1992, 718 came onto the scene for the outer boroughs while 212 held strong. Eventually, there were just too much demand for new…

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  • GoDaddy Warns Of Latest Phishing Scam

    … GoDaddy Warns Of Latest Phishing Scam June 24, 2016 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment If you have a domain registered through GoDaddy, the company wants you to be aware of a new scam circulating the web. The popular web domain company is warning customers of a new phishing email that targets owners of valuable domain names registered…

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  • The Most Expensive Domain Sales Ever

    … itself. Recognising the future power and potential of the Internet, a number of visionary people registered lots of .com domain names in the early nineties. Therefore, when multinational corporations wanted to claim the company’s name or another unique URL as their web address, they would have to pay the owner of the domain thousands…

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  • 7 Powerful Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

    … If you have a great idea for a website, you’re first going to need to purchase a domain name. If you’re new to blogging, you have to realize that a domain is quite different than a web hosting plan (which is a term you encounter often). A domain name is the URL of the site – the “address” where people can find you – while the web host is where…

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  • 5 Best Tools for Coming Up with the Perfect Domain Name

    … Domain names have always had an impact in the branding and SEO of online businesses. In the past, online marketers used “Exact Match Domains” or EMDs, which are domain names that are the same as a key phrase they are targeting. Although this is no longer as effective after Google’s EMD update in 2012, coming up with a domain name that’s relevant…

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