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    • ICANN faces first post-transition test of UN power (for real this time)

      The ICANN community and United Nations agencies are heading for a clash, with governments accused this morning of trying to bypass the ICANN policy-making process. According to the leader of an ICANN volunteer working group, governments and UN-affilated intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) have circumvented the usual ICANN consensus-building process in order to extract the ...

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    • Breaking: Judge rules ICANN handover will happen!

      Thomas Rickert: It is just great to see that lies did not work. I am still amazed to see how hard some have tried to misrepresent what t... read more Rubens Kuhl: Texas can have its own root zone where .tx means their government, and the only root server is run by Texas National Gua... read more Bob Barker: The states attorney Generals which Ted Cruz buddied up with, are the s ...

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    • Judge says IANA transition suit unlikely to succeed

      A Texas judge refused demands for a temporary restraining order preventing the IANA transition going ahead last weekend because the suing state attorneys general were unlikely to succeed at trial. That was one of several reasons Judge George Hanks refused the TRO, which had been requested by the Republican AGs of Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada.

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  • States drop IANA transition block lawsuit

    … Four states attorneys general have quietly thrown in the towel in their attempt to have the IANA transition blocked or reversed. The AGs of Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma unilaterally dropped their Texas lawsuit against the US government on Friday, court records show. A filing (pdf) signed by all four reads simply: Plaintiffs hereby…

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  • Squabbling drug peddlers drag .pharmacy into brand bunfight

    … The .pharmacy new gTLD has been dragged into the ongoing trademark dispute between two pharmaceuticals giants called Merck. Germany-based Merck KGaA has accused the .pharmacy registry of operating an unfair and “secretive” process to resolve competing sunrise period applications. The domain was awarded to US rival Merck &…

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  • People are forgetting .com exists — ICANN survey

    … Have you ever heard of .com, .net and .org? That question was posed to 3,349 domain name registrants in 24 countries by market research firm Nielsen this June and guess what — awareness of all three cornerstone gTLDs was down on a comparable 2015 survey. Unbelievably, only 85% of respondents professed to be aware of .com’s existence, compared…

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  • Barcelona picked for ICANN 63

    … ICANN will head to Barcelona, Spain for its 63rd public meeting, the organization’s board of directors has decided. ICANN 63, that year’s Annual General Meeting, is due to take place October 20 to October 26, 2018. The specific venue has not yet been revealed. That’s quite a way in the future. Venues have not yet been selected for the first…

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  • Destroy ICANN! Destroy ICANN with missiles!

    … a little browser game that appeared online this week. It’s a knock-off of the 1980 Atari classic Missile Command. The intro reads: You will be defending actual Internet domains from UN attack! Launch surface-to-air missiles in time to destroy UN Domain Seeking Missiles. If a UN missile reaches a domain, that domain is lost forever. Or, call you…

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  • Tata ponders “buy a school” strategy to release .tata from limbo

    … application to pass its evaluation, after it managed to produce a letter from Morocco that was taken as a non-objection. But Morocco’s digital minister subsequently objected, denying that the government had permitted the use of the string. Tata’s application was then returned to its Geographic Names Review, which it flunked last December. Since then, the bid has been marked “Will Not Proceed”, a status that usually only changes when an application is withdrawn. Tweet Tagged: .tata, geographic names review, ICANN, morocco …

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  • ICANN lawyers slam “fire him” story “blogger”

    … ICANN lawyers have launched an extraordinary attack on a “blogger” who recently wrote an article headlined “ICANN’s general counsel should lose his job over this”. Early Friday, ICANN’s board of directors issued its response to the recent Independent Review Process case in which new gTLD applicant Dot Registry managed to show that the board had…

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  • Next new gTLD round could start sooner than expected

    … The ICANN board of directors is wondering whether the next new gTLD application round should kick off sooner than expected. Chair Steve Crocker reached out to the Generic Names Supporting Organization this week to ask whether the next round could start before all GNSO policy work has been completed. Or, he asked, are there any “critical…

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  • Centuries-old companies both fail community gTLD test

    … Two companies called Merck have separately failed ICANN Community Priority Evaluations, meaning the new gTLD .merck could be the first dot-brand to head to ICANN auction. Merck KGaA applied for .merck for the Merck Group, a German chemicals company founded — staggeringly — in 1668, the same year Newton built the world’s first reflecting…

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  • IRP panel crucifies ICANN for lack of transparency

    … ICANN has lost another Independent Review Process decision, with the panel stating some potentially alarming opinions about how much power ICANN staff has over its board and “independent” third-party contractors. This time, the successful IRP complainant was Dot Registry LLC, the Kansas company that applied for the gTLDs .llc, .llp, and .inc…

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  • Ombudsman trashes ICANN’s rejection of .gay “community”

    … ICANN’s outgoing Ombudsman fired a parting shot at his former employer last week with a scathing analysis of its rejection of .gay as a community gTLD. ICANN should reject the decisions of two independent Economist Intelligence Unit panels, which found that Dotgay LLC’s application for .gay did not meet the strict definition of “community…

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  • Domain-hopping torrent site seized, founder arrested

    … infringement charges. The site, which has been banned at the ISP level in countries including the UK, provides links to download and share copyrighted works such as movies and music from other BitTorrent users. But it’s perhaps best known in the domain name industry for regularly jumping from one TLD to another as its domains are terminated by local…

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  • Cruz’s ICANN paranoia is now official Republican policy

    … a page straight out of the paranoid mind of former presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz. It talks of the transition of the US government from its involvement in DNS root zone management (what the GOP calls “web names”) as an “abandonment” of internet freedoms to Russia, China and Iran, which are ready to “devour” them. Here’s the relevant…

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