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    • Nominet suspends over 8,000 “criminal” domains as IP complaints double

      Police claims of intellectual property infringement led to the number of .uk domains suspended doubling in 2016, according to Nominet. Statistics released today show that the .uk registry suspended 8,049 domains in the 12 months to October 31, compared to 3,889 in the year-ago period. It’s an almost tenfold increase on 2014, when just 948 domains were taken down.

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    • Who are the five new ICANN directors?

      Almost a quarter of ICANN’s board of directors were replaced at the organization’s annual general meeting in Hyderabad last week. Five of the 21-strong board are fresh faces, though many will be familiar to regular ICANN and industry watchers. They hail from five different countries in four of ICANN’s five regions. One is female.

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    • New policy would ban President Trump from ICANN meetings (probably)

      Those who sexually harass fellow community members could be banned from ICANN meetings under a policy proposed this week. The proposal greatly expands upon an earlier version, published for comment in May, which would have banned “unwelcome hostile or intimidating behavior”. It presents a long list of activities considered harassment, including: Sexually suggestive touching ...

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  • ICANN 57 brings in thousands of noobs

    … ICANN 57 set new records in terms of attendance, with a large majority of participants total newbies who’d never been to an ICANN meeting before. The meeting, held in Hyderabad, India last month, had 3,182 attendees, and first-timers outnumbered veterans over two-to-one. The previous record was 3,115 total participants, set at ICANN 50…

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  • Get ready for thousands of new two-letter domains

    … New gTLD registry operators have been given the right to start selling two-letter domains that match country codes. Potentially thousands of names could start being released next year, resulting in a windfall for registries and possible opportunities for investors. Some governments, however, appear to be unhappy with the move and how ICANN’s…

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  • “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

    … said it has suspended a dozen domains — sites that were TLD-hopping to evade suspension — since the policy came into force. EFF’s Stoltz calls this kind of thing “shadow regulation”. “Shadow regulation to us is the regulation of content… through private agreements or through unaccountable means that were not developed through the bottom-up process…

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  • Governments mull greater geo gTLD powers

    … Governments are toying with the idea of asking ICANN for greater powers over gTLDs that match their geographic features. The names of rivers, mountains, forests and towns could be protected under ideas bandied around at the ICANN 57 meeting in India today. The Governmental Advisory Committee held a session this morning to discuss expanding…

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  • Should new gTLDs be first-come, first-served?

    … to FCFS — where any company could apply for any gTLD at any time — is not off the table. FCSC would not mean applicants would merely have to ask for a string and automatically be granted — there’d still be multiple phases of evaluation and opportunities for others to object, so it wouldn’t be just like registering a second-level domain. Depending…

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  • RANT: Governments raise yet another UN threat to ICANN

    … protecting this and other IGO strings in their own ccTLDs, but I suspect it’s very unlikely any have. There are about 230 such IGOs, all of which have acronyms new gTLD registries are currently temporarily banned from selling as domains. The multi-stakeholder GNSO community is on the verge of coming up with some policy recommendations that would unblock…

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  • Ship explosion cost ICANN $700k

    … An explosion on board a cargo ship set ICANN back $700,000, the organization has revealed. The September 1 blast and subsequent fire, which we blogged about two weeks ago, cause equipment heading to ICANN 57 in Hyderabad to be detained by authorities. The explosion, at the port in Munich, was reportedly caused by a welding accident and nobody…

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  • ICANN has $400m in the bank

    … ICANN ended its fiscal 2016 with just shy of $400 million on its balance sheet, according to its just-released financial report. As of June 30, the organization had assets of $399.6 million, up from $376.5 million a year earlier, the statement (pdf) says. Its revenue for the year was actually down, at $194.6 million in 2016 compared to $216.8…

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  • States drop IANA transition block lawsuit

    … Four states attorneys general have quietly thrown in the towel in their attempt to have the IANA transition blocked or reversed. The AGs of Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma unilaterally dropped their Texas lawsuit against the US government on Friday, court records show. A filing (pdf) signed by all four reads simply: Plaintiffs hereby…

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  • ICANN faces first post-transition test of UN power (for real this time)

    … The ICANN community and United Nations agencies are heading for a clash, with governments accused this morning of trying to bypass the ICANN policy-making process. According to the leader of an ICANN volunteer working group, governments and UN-affilated intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) have circumvented the usual ICANN consensus-building…

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  • Judge says IANA transition suit unlikely to succeed

    … A Texas judge refused demands for a temporary restraining order preventing the IANA transition going ahead last weekend because the suing state attorneys general were unlikely to succeed at trial. That was one of several reasons Judge George Hanks refused the TRO, which had been requested by the Republican AGs of Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma…

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  • Breaking: Judge rules ICANN handover will happen!

    … Thomas Rickert: It is just great to see that lies did not work. I am still amazed to see how hard some have tried to misrepresent what t... read more Rubens Kuhl: Texas can have its own root zone where .tx means their government, and the only root server is run by Texas National Gua... read more Bob Barker: The states attorney Generals which Ted…

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  • Squabbling drug peddlers drag .pharmacy into brand bunfight

    … The .pharmacy new gTLD has been dragged into the ongoing trademark dispute between two pharmaceuticals giants called Merck. Germany-based Merck KGaA has accused the .pharmacy registry of operating an unfair and “secretive” process to resolve competing sunrise period applications. The domain was awarded to US rival Merck &…

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  • People are forgetting .com exists — ICANN survey

    … Have you ever heard of .com, .net and .org? That question was posed to 3,349 domain name registrants in 24 countries by market research firm Nielsen this June and guess what — awareness of all three cornerstone gTLDs was down on a comparable 2015 survey. Unbelievably, only 85% of respondents professed to be aware of .com’s existence, compared…

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