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    • ICANN joins anti-phishing group board

      ICANN’s VP of security has joined the board of directors of the Anti-Phishing Working Group. Dave Piscitello is one of three new APWG board members, arriving as the group expands its board from two people to five. APWG said the expansion “is recognition of the growing complexity and scale of Internet crime today and the challenges in responding to this global threat.

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    • Antitrust feds probing Verisign’s .web deal

      US antitrust authorities are investigating Verisign over its anticipated operation of the .web gTLD. The probe was disclosed by company CEO Jim Bidzos in yesterday’s fourth-quarter earnings call. He said: On January 18, 2017, the company received a Civil Investigative Demand from the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice, requesting certain information related t ...

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  • .africa to finally go live after judge denies injunction

    … A Los Angeles court has rejected a demand for a preliminary injunction preventing ICANN delegating .africa, meaning the new gTLD can go live soon. Judge Howard Halm ruled February 3, in documents published last night, that the “covenant not to sue” signed by every new gTLD applicant is enforceable and that Africans are being harmed as long…

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  • ICANN’s divorce from the US cost $32 million

    … The IANA transition cost ICANN a total of $32 million, according to documentation released today. The hefty bill was racked up from the announcment of the transition in March 2014 until the end of 2016, according to this presentation (pdf). A whopping $15 million of the total went on lawyers. Another $8.3 million went on other third-party…

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  • ICANN feeds troll, refuses to censor “rip-off” web site

    … over the years. Somebody called Fraser Lee filed the RfR in December after (allegedly) trying and failing to get the site’s registrar, DNC Holdings (aka Directnic), to yank the domain and then trying and failing to get ICANN Compliance to yank DNC’s accreditation. The request (pdf) is a rambling, often incoherent missive, alleging…

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  • Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ draws fire, creates confusion in ICANN community

    … other planned meeting locations when the situation becomes clearer. We are already reviewing what to do as far as location for the next open North American meeting slot. Meanwhile, the Internet Governance Project’s Milton Mueller blogged: This has significant implications for Internet governance. Coordination and policy making for a global medium…

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  • GNSO faces off with governments over IGO cybersquatting

    … A defiant ICANN working group looking at cybersquatting rules for intergovernmental organizations is sticking to its guns in an ongoing face-off with the Governmental Advisory Committee. In a report published for public comment this week, the GNSO working group recommended that IGOs should be given the right to use the UDRP and URS rights…

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  • As Trump sworn in, CADNA returns to lobby for stronger cybersquatting laws

    … Remember the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse? The lobby group that campaigned for stronger cybersquatting laws and against new gTLDs? It’s back. CADNA on Thursday used the imminent inauguration of new US president Donald Trump to announce that it’s back in the game, hoping a Republican-dominated government will be friendlier to its agenda…

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  • Trump nominee open to retaking ICANN oversight role

    … name issues in general. NTIA itself will to the best of my knowledge still be headed by assistant secretary Larry Strickling, who handled the IANA transition from the US government side. Ross, 79, is a billionaire investor who made most of his estimated $2.5 billion fortune restructuring bankrupt companies in the coal and steel industries. Tweet Tagged: commerce, donald trump, iana, ICANN, ntia, ted cruz, transition …

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  • ICANN retires Affirmation of Commitments with US gov

    … of its actions. Ongoing projects such as the Competition and Consumer Trust Review originate in the AoC. The rationale for concluding the deal now is that most of significant provisions of the AoC have been grandfathered into ICANN’s revised bylaws and other foundational documents following the IANA transition, which concluded in October. Reviews…

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  • ICANN’s top DC lobbyist gets consumer safeguards role

    … ICANN has named veteran staffer Jamie Hedlund as its new senior VP for contractual compliance and consumer safeguards. It’s a new executive team role, created by the departure of chief contract compliance officer Allen Grogan. Grogan announced his intention to leave ICANN last May, and has been working there part-time since August…

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  • .africa could go live after court refuses injunction

    … DotConnectAfrica’s attempt to have ICANN legally blocked from delegating the .africa gTLD to rival applicant ZACR has been denied. The ruling by a Los Angeles court, following a December 22 hearing, means ICANN could put .africa in the root, under ZACR’s control, even before the case comes to trial. A court document (pdf) states…

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  • After Zika threat passes, ICANN confirms return to Puerto Rico

    … ICANN will hold its first public meeting of 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which was originally supposed to the venue for this October’s meeting. ICANN moved ICANN 57 from San Juan to Hyderabad, India in May, at the height of the scare about the Zika virus. Zika is spread by mosquitoes and sex and can cause horrible birth defects. An epidemic…

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  • Survey says most Whois records “accurate”

    …. It found, not for the first time, that the vast majority of Whois records are not overtly fake. Email addresses and phone numbers found there almost always work, the survey found, and postal addresses for the most part appear to be real postal addresses. The survey used a sample of 12,000 domains over 664 gTLDs. It tested for two types…

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  • ICANN picks Madrid for next gTLD industry meeting

    … ICANN’s Global Domains Division has invited the domain industry to Madrid for next year’s GDD Industry Summit. The meeting will be held at the drably named but NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding hotel from May 8 to 11 2017. The timing may be fortuitous for intercontinental travelers — it ends just a couple of days before the Domaining Europe…

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  • ICANN 57 brings in thousands of noobs

    … ICANN 57 set new records in terms of attendance, with a large majority of participants total newbies who’d never been to an ICANN meeting before. The meeting, held in Hyderabad, India last month, had 3,182 attendees, and first-timers outnumbered veterans over two-to-one. The previous record was 3,115 total participants, set at ICANN 50…

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