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    • More delay for Amazon as ICANN punts rejected gTLD

      Amazon is going to have to wait a bit longer to discover whether its 2012 application for the gTLD .amazon will remain rejected. ICANN’s board of directors at the weekend discussed whether to revive the application in light of the recent Independent Review Process panel ruling that the bid had been kicked out for no good reason.

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    • Chalaby named next ICANN chair

      Cherine Chalaby is to be the next chair of ICANN. In a case of burying the lede extreme even by ICANN standards, current chair Steve Crocker announced the news in the 11th paragraph of a blog post entitled “Chairman’s Blog: The Montevideo Workshop Wrap-Up” this evening. Crocker wrote: “the Board had an opportunity to participate in the discussion of the Board’s future leade ...

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    • Election season at ICANN

      Two significant votes are coming up soon in the ICANN community, with the GNSO Council looking for a new chair and the ccNSO ready to select a new appointee for the ICANN board of directors. The ccNSO election will see an actual contest for what is believed to be the first time, with at least two candidates fighting it out.

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  • Will ICANN punt on .amazon again?

    … Amazon is piling pressure onto ICANN to finally approve its five-year-old gTLD applications for .amazon, but it seems to me the e-commerce giant will have a while to wait yet. The company sent a letter to ICANN leadership this week calling on it to act quickly on the July ruling of an Independent Review Process panel that found ICANN had…

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  • Deutsch and Doria to join ICANN board

    … Veteran ICANN community members Avri Doria and Sarah Deutsch are to join ICANN’s board of directors in November. Both have been selected by ICANN’s Nominating Committee to serve three-year terms starting at the end of the public meeting in Abu Dhabi, which wraps up November 3. They replace current chair Steve Crocker, who is leaving after…

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  • Iran rep reported to ICANN Ombudsman, again

    … to be in the hands of the Ombudsman. Arasteh was also reported to Waye back in May, when he accused the chairs of a different ICANN working group of trying to exclude governmental voices from new gTLD policy-making by scheduling teleconferences at times he found inconvenient. Waye subsequently reported that the complaint had been resolved between…

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  • Halloran made ICANN’s first chief data protection officer

    … ICANN lifer Dan Halloran has added the title of chief data protection officer to his business card. The long-serving deputy general counsel was named ICANN’s first CDPO on Friday, continuing to report to his current boss, general counsel John Jeffrey. Privacy is currently the hottest topic in the ICANN community, with considerable debate…

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  • EFF recommends against new gTLDs

    … The Electronic Frontier Foundation has recommended that domain registrants concerned about intellectual property “bullies” steer clear of new gTLDs. The view is expressed in a new EFF report today that is particularly critical of policies in place at new gTLD portfolio registries Donuts and Radix. The report (pdf) also expresses strong…

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  • Crocker: no date on next new gTLD round

    … for the next application window. It said that that drawing a line in the sand would allow potential applicants to plan and would prevent current policy-development processes from being abused to delay the next round. But Crocker says in his letter that it is up to the ICANN community, not its board of directors, to determine if and when a new round should…

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  • Attendance dips for ICANN in Johannesburg

    … people attending the Copenhagen meeting in March, but that’s to be expected due to the mid-year meeting having a shorter schedule more tightly focused on policy work. It also seems to be typical for meetings in Africa to get lower attendance than meetings elsewhere in the world, given the relatively low participation at last year’s Marrakech meeting…

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  • Empowered Community makes first symbolic exercise of power

    … The new “Empowered Community” of ICANN has exercised its power for the first time. The EC on Friday told ICANN that it has approved the ICANN board of directors’ recent resolution to create a new committee tasked with handling various oversight processes. It’s of largely symbolic importance, the first test of whether the EC process works when…

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  • Governments slammed for overreach as Amazon wins gTLD appeal

    … public policy reasons for the objection, the IRP panel has now found. Global Domains Division chief Akram Atallah testified before the panel that consensus GAC advice sets “too high for the Board to say no.” It seems ICANN sometimes just assumes that GAC advice by default is rooted in sound public policy, even when that is not the case. Brazil…

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  • ICANN chair paid $114,000 last year

    … ICANN chair Steve Crocker was paid $114,203.24 in the organization’s last tax year. The number was released today (pdf) in response to a request by domain blogger John Poole of Poole had requested the figures because Crocker is paid via his company, Shinkuro, rather than directly, so his compensation does not show up…

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  • Could the next new gTLD round last 25 years? Or 70 years?

    … Will the next new gTLD round see 25,000 applications? If so, how long will it take for them all to go live? The 25,000 figure is one that I’ve heard touted a few times, most recently during public sessions at ICANN’s meeting in Johannesburg last month. The problem is that, judging by ICANN’s previous performance, such a huge number…

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  • ICANN shuffles regional bosses, drops “hub” concept

    … will be in Brussels, Belgium and the other in Montevideo, Uruguay. A few vice presidents are being shuffled around to head up each of these offices. Senior policy VP David Olive is being replaced as managing director of the Istanbul office by Nick Tomasso, who’s also VP in charge of ICANN’s public meetings. Olive will carry on in his VP role, but back…

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  • ICANN heading to Japan and Canada in 2019

    … of the middle “policy forum” meeting for 2019 has not yet been identified. ICANN is currently meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. Later this year it will convene in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Spanish speakers can rejoice next year, when the locations, in order, are Barcelona, Panama City and San Juan (the Puerto Rican one). Tweet Tagged: ICANN, icann 59, johannesburg, kobe, montreal …

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  • Cybersquatting cases down in .uk

    … The number of cybersquatting complaints filed against .uk domains fell in 2016, according to data out this week from Nominet. The .uk registry said that there were 703 complaints filed with its Dispute Resolution Service in the year, down from 728 in 2015. However, the number of individual domains complained about appears to have increased…

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  • Zone file access is crap, security panel confirms

    … ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service has some serious shortcomings and needs an overhaul, according to the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. The panel of DNS security experts has confirmed what CZDS subscribers, including your humble correspondent, have known since 2014 — the system had a major design flaw baked in from day one…

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