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    • New gTLDs blamed as .pl starts to shrink

      Polish ccTLD .pl has lost over 125,000 domains in the last year, a change of growth trajectory blamed partly on new gTLDs. NASK, the registry, released its third-quarter report in English today. It’s overflowing with more statistics than you could possibly need about the TLD’s performance. The headline is that .pl is on the decline.

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    • Cops tell Nominet to yank 16,000 domains, Nominet complies

      Nominet suspended over 16,000 .uk domain names at the request of law enforcement agencies in the last year. The registry yanked 16,632 domains in the 12 months to October 31, more than double the 8,049 it suspended in the year-earlier period. The 2016 number was in turn more than double the 2015 number.

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    • Domain blogger O’Meara elected to auDA board

      Domainer-blogger Ned O’Meara, one of the fiercest critics of auDA, has been elected to the organization’s board of directors. He was one of four directors elected at the Australian ccTLD registry’s Annual General Meeting today. auDA splits its board into “demand” and “supply” classes. The former are registrants, the latter registrars and resellers.

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  • Numeric .xyz names plummet despite dollar deal

    …’s effort to sell over a billion numeric .xyz domains at just $0.65 each does not appear to be gaining traction. The number of qualifying domains in the .xyz zone file has plummeted by almost 200,000 since the deal was introduced and dipped by over 4,000 since the blanket discount went live. The $0.65 registry fee applies to what XYZ…

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  • DotKids doesn’t want .kids auction to go ahead

    … applicants to submit their information to ICANN to participate in next month’s auction. An ICANN last-resort auction sees the winning bid being placed in a fund for a yet-to-be-determined purpose, as opposed to private auctions where the losing bidders share the loot. Tweet Tagged: amazon, auction, community, cpe, dotkids, google, ICANN, last resort, new gTLDs …

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  • InternetNZ loses two of its three CEOs as it simplifies

    … InternetNZ has announced the results of a consultation into a restructuring of the organization. The .nz ccTLD manager is to cut one of its three operating companies and reduce the number of CEOs from three to one. NZRS, which actually runs the registry, will be folded into InternetNZ, while policy-setting body Domain Name Commission Ltd…

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  • Neustar ditches .biz for .neustar

    … Registry operator Neustar has migrated all of its web sites to its .neustar gTLD, abandoning its original home at .biz. The company announced today that its main site can now be found at Its old already redirects to the dot-brand domain. It’s also using domains such as,…

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  • Verisign wants to auction off for charity

    … Evaluation Process request (pdf) with ICANN that is now open for public comment. As a matter of disclosure: several years ago I briefly provided some consulting/writing services to a third party in support of the Verisign and Overstock positions on the release of single-character domain names, but I have no current financial interest in the matter. Tweet Tagged: .com, auction, ICANN,,,, rsep, single-character, verisign …

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  • China and cheapo TLDs drag down industry growth — CENTR

    … new names in .com. In fact, only five of the 17 legacy gTLDs experienced any growth at all, CENTR said. In the world of European ccTLDs, the average (median) growth rate has been flat, but CENTR says it sees signs of a turnaround. CENTR is the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries. Its Q3 report can be downloaded here (pdf). Tweet Tagged: cctlds, centr, growth, new gTLDs …

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  • Verisign launches name-spinner tool for if you really, really need a .com

    … Verisign has launched a new name-spinning tool, designed to help new businesses find relevant domain names in Verisign-managed TLDs. It’s called NameStudio. Verisign said: NameStudio can deliver relevant .com and .net domain name suggestions based on popular keywords, trending news topics and semantic relevance. Pulling from multiple…

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  • Radix claims 77% renewal rates after two years

    … to general availability in the same two-month period July and August 2015. The renewal rates are for the first month of GA. In other words, 77% of the domains registered in the TLDs’ respective first month have been renewed for a third year. Radix, in a press release, compared the numbers favorably to .com and .net, which had a combined renewal rate…

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  • Amazon and Google to fight over .kids at auction

    … Amazon, Google and a third applicant are scheduled to fight for control of the new gTLDs .kid or .kids at auction. It’s the first ICANN gTLD auction to be scheduled since a Verisign puppet paid $135 million for .web in July 2016. According to ICANN documentation, .kid and .kids will go to auction January 25, 2018. The winning bid…

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  • 59,000% revenue growth at Donuts leads to Deloitte award

    … Deloitte has placed new gTLD registry Donuts at the top of its 2017 Technology Fast 500, a league table of the fastest-growing North American technology firms. Donuts won by growing its revenue by 59,093% over three years. Given that Donuts didn’t have its first revenue-generating gTLD delegated until the final quarter of 2013, the three-year…

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  • XYZ relaunches .storage with $2,200 price tag

    … has reopened .storage to registrations with a new, much higher price tag. A confusingly named “Trademark Holder Landrush” started yesterday and will run for three weeks. It’s not a sunrise period — .storage already had its ICANN-mandated sunrise under its previous management — and it appears that it’s not actually restricted…

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  • Aussie govt probes .au amid member revolt

    … and the Arts said it will “examine the most appropriate framework for the domain” and “identify risk and mitigation strategies for the security and stability of the .au domain.” The government already has reserve powers over .au under previous legislation. So far, the exact details of what is to be reviewed are vague. auDA has faced criticism recently over…

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  • This is who won the .inc, .llc and .llp gTLD auctions

    … company nomenclature with more potential customers of lower net worth, went to Afilias. Dot Registry, MMX, Donuts, LLC Registry, Top Level Design, myLLC and Google were also in the .llc auction and have since withdrawn their applications. Tweet Tagged: .inc, .llc, .llp, afilias, auctions, donuts, dot registry, dotasia, gmo, google, ICANN, mmx, new gTLDs, nu dot co, uniregisty …

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  • Double-charging claims as registries ramp up new gTLD refund demands

    … revenue by introducing policies such as the ban on two-letter domains, increased trademark protections, and other government-requested restrictions that were introduced after application fees had already been paid. The tone of the letter is polite, but seems to mask an underlying resentment among registries that ICANN has not been giving them a fair chance to grow their businesses. Tweet Tagged: fees, gac, ICANN, new gTLDs, rebate, rysg, tmch …

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  • Who should have rights to direct .au names?

    … Australian ccTLD registry auDA wants to know what you think about its plans to open up .au to direct second-level domain registrations. It’s no longer a question of if the change should happen, but how it should be implemented. A public consultation launched yesterday poses a series of questions about issues such as grandfathering, trademark…

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