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    • DomainTools scraps apps and APIs in war on spam

      DomainTools is to scrap at least five of its services as it tries to crack down spam. It’s getting rids of its mobile apps, its APIs, and is to stop showing registrants’ personal information to unauthenticated users. CEO Tim Chen told us in an email at the weekend: The Android app is no longer supported. The iOS app will no longer be supported after February 20th.

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    • Donuts releases free TLD-neutral name-spinner

      Donuts has announced the release of a free name-spinner tool for registrars and resellers. Relevant Name Search, found at, isn’t a destination site in itself, but will be free for registrars to integrate into their storefronts. The company said it’s been in beta testing with eNom, Dreamhost, Dynadot and, with eNom using it for over a year.

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  • Big changes at DomainTools as privacy law looms

    … Regular users of DomainTools should expect significant changes to their service, possibly unwelcome, as the impact of incoming European Union privacy law begins to be felt. Professional users such as domain investors are most likely to be impacted by the changes. The company hopes to announce how its services will be rejiggered to comply…

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  • Get a free ticket to NamesCon here

    … five people to leave a qualifying comment get a ticket each. It should go without saying that this ticket only gets you into the conference itself. How you get to Vegas and where you sleep when you get there is your problem. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, if you’ve been to NamesCon before you’re not eligible for this competition. That’s…

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  • ICANN urged to crack down on new gTLD abuse

    … Registries selling dirt-cheap new gTLD domains should be rewarded with lower ICANN fees when they get proactive about abuse, while registrars that turn a blind eye to spammers should be suspended, an ICANN working group will recommend. In its second batch of findings, the Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review Team (CCT) said…

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  • Almost half of ccTLDs may block some Whois data

    … Almost half of ccTLDs are planning to hide parts of Whois results from public view in response to incoming European Union law. That’s according to a recent informal survey of the members of CENTR, the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries, detailed in a letter to ICANN (pdf) last week. According to the survey of 28 ccTLDs…

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  • ICANN chief tells industry to lawyer up as privacy law looms

    … at the registry level, registrars were still publishing full contact details for the same registrants. ICANN said last week that it will publish more detailed guidance advising registries and registrars how to avoid breach notices will be published “shortly”. Tweet Tagged: .amsterdam, .eu, .frl, gdpr, hamilton, ICANN, icann 69, privacy, rdap, rds, whois …

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  • CentralNic and .CLUB reveal premium sales

    … CentralNic and .CLUB Domains have both revealed sales of premium domain names over the last several days. CentralNic said yesterday that it has sold “a number” of premiums for $3.4 million. The names are believed to be from its own portfolio, rather than registry-reserved names in any of the TLDs it manages. The company did not disclose…

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  • ICANN reveals $500 million gTLD buyback program

    … in it any more. The scheme will work rather like a stock buyback, ICANN explained in a 489-page document (PDF). Registries opting to sell back their gTLDs will see their strings abruptly removed from the DNS root and their contracts torn up and burned on a great big bonfire. Any domains registered in these gTLDs will stop resolving to parking pages…

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  • Hacked ICANN data for sale on black market

    …. ICANN said yesterday: ICANN recently became aware that some information obtained in the spear phishing incident we announced in 2014 is being offered for sale on underground forums. Our initial assessment is that it is old data and that no new breach of our systems has occurred. The data accessed in the 2014 incident breach included usernames…

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  • Pheenix adds 300 more registrars to drop-catch arsenal

    … as they return to the available pool. It also means that Pheenix’s dropnet (a word I just made up that sounds a bit like “botnet” in a pathetic attempt to coin a term for once in my career) is now a bit bigger than that of, the registrar pool behind Namejet and SnapNames. It’s still a long way behind TurnCommerce, owner of DropCatch, which…

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  • Go Daddy’s Merdinger named DNA chair

    … Go Daddy VP of domains Rich Merdinger has been appointed interim chair of the Domain Name Association, replacing Neustar’s Adrian Kinderis. In a blog post, Merdinger said the DNA will become more “vocal” under its new leadership and outlined three priorities for 2017 — awareness, adoption and access. He said the DNA will share ways businesses…

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  • Amazon backtracks after pricing free Alexa list at over $900,000

    … such as internet security. Because it was free, it was widely used. DI PRO uses the list every day to estimate the relative popularity of top-level domains. After deleting the list, Amazon directed users to its Amazon Web Services portal, which had started offering the same data priced at $0.0025 per URL. That’s not cheap. The cost of obtaining…

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  • Oracle buys Dyn just weeks after huge attack

    … Oracle has signed a deal to buy DNS services provider Dyn for an undisclosed amount probably in the nine-figure range. The software giant said it plans to integrate Dyn’s services into its existing cloud computing platform. For the moment, existing Dyn customers are unaffected. Dyn provides distributed DNS resolution services mainly…

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  • Famous Four VP goes solo, claims $400,000 sale

    … Former Famous Four Media VP of sales Richard Downs has launched a new consultancy business aimed at new gTLD registry operators. The new company, GTLD Systems is offering a multitude of services but is mainly a way for smaller registries to outsource their sales and marketing operations. Downs told DI an early success was a recent $400,000…

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  • Chinese investor pumps $7 million into M+M as .vip pushes firm into profit

    … Minds + Machines made a profit, kinda, in the first half of the year, due to the popularity of .vip in China. The company today announced a loss of $1.9 million for the six months to June 30, compared to a $1.6 million loss in the comparable 2015 period, on revenue that was up 115% at $7.4 million. But factoring out discontinued operations — M…

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  • Registries rebel against ICANN’s Whois upgrade decree

    … Registry operators are challenging an ICANN decision to force them to launch a new Whois-style service, saying it will cost them too much money. The Registries Stakeholder Group has filed a Request for Reconsideration — a low-level appeal — of a decision asking them to launch RDAP services to complement their existing Whois. RDAP…

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