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    • New gTLDs still a crappy choice for email — study

      New gTLDs may not be the best choice of domain for a primary email address, judging by new research. Over 20% of the most-popular web sites do not fully understand email addresses containing long TLDs, and Arabic email addresses are supported by fewer than one in 10 sites, a study by the Universal Acceptance Steering Group has found.

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    • ICANN just came thiiis close to breaking the internet

      ICANN has decided to postpone an unprecedented change at the DNS root after discovering it could break internet for potentially millions of users. The so-called KSK Rollover was due to go ahead on October 11, but it’s now been pushed back to — tentatively — some time in the first quarter 2018. The delay was decided after ICANN realized that there were still plenty of ISPs a ...

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    • Telco billed $2.7 million for failing to renew domain

      A US telecommunications provider has agreed to pay $2.7 million after an emergency service went offline because it forgot to renew a domain name. According to the Federal Communications Commission, Utah-based Sorenson Communications saw its “video relay service” go offline for two days in June 2016 after a domain was not renewed.

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  • Pilot program for Whois killer launches

    … ICANN is to oversee a set of pilot programs for RDAP, the protocol expected to eventually replace Whois. Registration Data Access Protocol, an IETF standard since 2015, fills the same function as Whois, but it is more structured and enables access control rules. ICANN said this week that it has launched the pilot in response to a request last…

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  • About that $3,800 emoji domain sale…

    … The debate over the age of the emoji domain name ☮.com may have been settled. It probably is as old as it was claimed to be. You may recall that last week I blogged about the €3,400 ($3,816) sale of the domain to an end user. It wasn’t a big sale or a big story, but it’s so rare to see an emoji name sell I thought it was worth a few paragraphs…

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  • Want to be one of the internet’s SEVEN SECRET KEY-HOLDERS? Apply now!

    … once or twice a year. The TCRs are used in the paranoia-inducing cryptographic key-signing ceremonies that provide DNSSEC at the root of the domain name system. The ceremonies take place at ICANN data centers four times a year. The ceremonies themselves take hours, involve multiple layers of physical and data security, and the volunteers…

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  • ICANN to host DNS event in Madrid

    …. The Symposium immediately follows the GDD Summit, the annual ICANN industry-focused intersessional event designed for registrars, registries and the like. The Summit runs from May 9 to 11 and the Symposium is on May 13. Both events will be held at the Hotel NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding in Madrid and will be webcast. ICANN is currently looking for corporate sponsors for the Symposium. Tweet Tagged: dns, dns symposium, gdd summit, ICANN …

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  • Ship explosion takes ICANN gear out of action

    …, according to ICANN. ICANN had two containers — a 40-footer and 20-footer — on the ship, moving gear from June’s Helsinki meeting to next month’s ICANN 57 in India, ICANN said. The smaller of the two containers was close to the fire and has been “detained” in Germany where it may not be released for months or years. It held “printers, remote…

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  • Are .mail, .home and .corp safe to launch? Applicants think so

    … ICANN should lift the freeze on new gTLDs .mail, .home and .corp, despite fears they could cause widespread disruption, according to applicants. Fifteen applicants for the strings wrote to ICANN last week to ask for a risk mitigation plan that would allow them to be delegated. The three would-be gTLDs were put on hold indefinitely almost…

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  • ICANN to flip the secret key to the internet

    … to the complexity of the process, and the risk that something might go wrong, the move is to be announced in the coming days even though the new public key will not replace the existing one until October 2017. The KSK is a cryptographic key pair used to sign the Zone Signing Keys that in turn sign the DNS root zone. It’s basically at the top of the DNSSEC…

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  • Verisign says new gTLDs put millions at risk

    … appears. You can read the paper here (pdf), but I’ll attempt to summarize. The problem concerns a virtually ubiquitous protocol called WPAD, for Web Proxy Auto-Discovery. It’s used by mostly by Windows clients to automatically download a web proxy configuration file that tells their browser how to connect to the web. Organizations host these…

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