• Second emergency registry tested with dead dot-brand

      ICANN is running its second test of the Emergency Back-End Registry Operator system, designed as a failover for bankrupt gTLDs. This time, the EBERO under the microscope is CORE Association, one of the three approved providers. It this week took over operation of .mtpc, a dot-brand gTLD that Mitsubishi applied for, was delegated, never used, and then decided it didn’t want to run any more.

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  • Two more dot-brands self-terminate

    … in the root. FLSmidth’s dot-brand has been live since September 2014, but the company never made the transition away from its .com. While registry reports show that six domains have been registered, its latest zone file shows only the obligatory domain is active. The first new gTLD to cop out was .doosan, the dot-brand for Korean…

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  • First new gTLD deleted from the net

    … .doosan today became the first new gTLD to be removed from the domain name system. It’s no longer showing up in the DNS root zone file, and IANA’s record lists it as “retired”. .doosan was a dot-brand managed by Korean conglomerate Doosan Group. The company never did anything with it before deciding to kill the TLD off last September. A month…

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  • ICANN tests emergency registry with dead dot-brand

    … ICANN is running a test of its Emergency Registry Back-End Operator program, using the dead dot-brand gTLD .doosan as its guinea pig. Doosan Group, a large Korean conglomerate, decided to kill off its gTLD, .doosan, last September. ICANN revealed the news in October. The dot-brand had never been put to productive use and really only ever had…

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  • First dot-brand gTLD calls it quits

    … The South Korean industrial conglomerate Doosan has decided to formally abandon its new dot-brand gTLD, the first to do so. The news was announced by ICANN this evening, as part of the launch of a new web page for tracking gTLD contract termination requests. Doosan is a bloody big company with multiple billions of annual revenue, in no danger…

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