• The biggest dot-brand in the world has 50,000 domains, but are they legit?

      The biggest dot-brand gTLD active today has about 50,000 domains under management, but the vast majority of them may not be compliant with ICANN rules. Real Estate Domains LLC runs .realtor in partnership with the National Association of Realtors, a US-based real estate agent membership organization. RED/NAR has an ICANN policy exemption that means it does not have to open .

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  • GoDaddy gets its dot-brand

    … GoDaddy has become a new gTLD registry with the delegation yesterday of .godaddy. It’s a dot-brand, so domain name registrations will not be made available to the general public. In one of the shortest mission statements found in new gTLD applications, the company describes .godaddy like this: The mission or purpose of the .GODADDY gTLD…

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  • Amazingly, .blockbuster will soon be a gTLD

    … concern. However, since that time all of its remaining Blockbuster stores have been closed down and the Blockbuster-branded streaming service has been renamed Sling. The web site at is a husk that hasn’t been updated since 2014. And yet the brand will shortly be at the cutting edge of online branding by having its own new gTLD. A dot-brand without a brand? Surely this will be among the most useless new gTLDs to hit the ‘net. Tweet Tagged: blockbuster, dish dbs, dot-brands, new gTLDs, trademarks …

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  • Two more dot-brands self-terminate

    … The dot-brand dead-pool is now up to three gTLDs. FLSmidth, which supplies machinery to the cement industry, and Emerson Electric, which also makes industrial machinery, have both decided that they don’t need their new gTLDs. The affected gTLDs are .flsmidth and .emerson. Both companies have filed cursory notices of termination with ICANN…

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  • Amazon files appeal on rejected .amazon domain

    … Amazon has appealed the rejection of its proposed .amazon new gTLD. The company this week told ICANN that it has invoked the Independent Review Process, after 18 months of informal negotiations proved fruitless. Amazon’s .amazon application was controversially rejected by ICANN in May 2014, due to advice from the Governmental Advisory Committee…

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  • ICANN tests emergency registry with dead dot-brand

    … ICANN is running a test of its Emergency Registry Back-End Operator program, using the dead dot-brand gTLD .doosan as its guinea pig. Doosan Group, a large Korean conglomerate, decided to kill off its gTLD, .doosan, last September. ICANN revealed the news in October. The dot-brand had never been put to productive use and really only ever had…

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  • Baidu, China’s Google, gets its dot-brand gTLD

    … Chinese web giant Baidu had its dot-brand gTLD, .baidu, go live in the DNS root zone today. With the extraordinary amount of focus on China in the domain industry currently, this could be one of the dot-brands to watch in 2016. There are no active domain names in .baidu just yet, but we will likely see put to some use or another over…

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  • Tata’s bid for .tata gTLD scuppered by Morocco

    … with Morocco is to blame. While Tata Group is a 150-year-old, $100 billion-a-year company, Tata is also a province of Morocco with a population of about 120,000. Under the rules of the ICANN new gTLD program, the string “tata” is therefore a protected geographic name, for which the applicant needs to show the unequivocal support or non-objection…

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  • .apple goes live

    … Apple’s .apple new gTLD was delegated today. It’s going to be a strict dot-brand gTLD, in which only Apple can register domain names, but could wind up being highly influential. While .apple now appears in the DNS root zone, no second-level names (not even are yet resolving. Should Apple actually use its new TLD in a prominent way…

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  • First dot-brand gTLD calls it quits

    … The South Korean industrial conglomerate Doosan has decided to formally abandon its new dot-brand gTLD, the first to do so. The news was announced by ICANN this evening, as part of the launch of a new web page for tracking gTLD contract termination requests. Doosan is a bloody big company with multiple billions of annual revenue, in no danger…

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  • Dozens of dot-brands finally sign ICANN contracts

    … Dot-brand gTLD applicants that were playing wait-and-see with ICANN’s contracting process signed Registry Agreements in droves last week. At least 67 new RAs were signed in the last three days of July, on or around the ICANN’s July 29 deadline, ICANN’s web site shows. This means that there are still about 50 applicants that have not pulled…

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  • Neustar becomes “world’s largest registry” with $87m ARI buy

    … Consolidation in the domain name industry continued last night with Neustar’s $87 million acquisition of Bombora Technologies, the holding group for ARI Registry Services and AusRegistry. Bombora CEO Adrian Kinderis told DI that the deal makes Neustar the “biggest registry services back-end provider on the market”, as measured by the number…

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  • As deadline looms, over 100 dot-brands still in contract limbo

    … With the minutes ticking down to the deadline for scores of dot-brands to sign registry agreements with ICANN, over 100 have not, according to ICANN’s web site. New gTLD applicants had until July 29 to sign their contracts or risk losing their deposits. I reported a week ago that roughly 170 would-be dot-brands had yet to sign on the dotted…

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  • Flood of wait-and-see dot-brands expected this week

    … applications listed as “In Contracting” in the program. Namazi and myself estimate that roughly 170 are dot-brands, almost all of which have July 29 deadlines. Namazi said that ICANN has planned for a last-minute rush of “hundreds” of applicants trying to sign contracts in the last month. The July 29 deadline for dot-brands was put in place because…

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