DotConnectAfrica (DCA) is an independent non-profit, non-partisan organisation that was founded in 2006. The organization was incorporated in Mauritius to sponsor, establish and operate the proposed new Top Level Domain (TLD) ".africa".DotConnectAfrica has its base of operations in Nairobi, Kenya and headquarters in Port Louis, Mauritius. On April 11, 2013 ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee said that the .africa bid filed by DotConnectAfrica should be rejected. This was a full consensus objection.
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    • Blah blah ICANN blah .africa blah delegated blah blah…

      Today blah blah ZA Central Registry blah blah .africa blah delegated blah. ICANN blah blah root blah. Blah blah ZACR blah Blah blah five years blah blah contention blah lawsuit blah blah DotConnectAfrica blah. Blah blah Bekele blah IRP blah. ICANN blah blah Governmental Advisory Committee blah blah blah African Union blah blah blah.

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    • .africa to finally go live after judge denies injunction

      A Los Angeles court has rejected a demand for a preliminary injunction preventing ICANN delegating .africa, meaning the new gTLD can go live soon. Judge Howard Halm ruled February 3, in documents published last night, that the “covenant not to sue” signed by every new gTLD applicant is enforceable and that Africans are being harmed as long as .africa is stuck in legal limbo.

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  • DCA files for ANOTHER .africa injunction

    … DotConnectAfrica is continuing its legal attempt to prevent the .africa gTLD from being delegated to a competitor supported by African governments. The recalcitrant applicant has filed for another temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction that would prevent ICANN handing .africa to the successful applicant, ZA Central Registry…

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  • .africa could go live after court refuses injunction

    … DotConnectAfrica’s attempt to have ICANN legally blocked from delegating the .africa gTLD to rival applicant ZACR has been denied. The ruling by a Los Angeles court, following a December 22 hearing, means ICANN could put .africa in the root, under ZACR’s control, even before the case comes to trial. A court document (pdf) states…

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  • RANT: Governments raise yet another UN threat to ICANN

    … — geographic names are already protected at the request of the GAC — but from Africa governments being pissed off that .africa is still on hold because DotConnectAfrica is suing ICANN in a California court and some batty judge granted DCA a restraining order. It’s not really relevant to the IGO issue, nor especially relevant to the issue of governments…

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  • Judge hands DotConnectAfrica another bizarre win

    … A California judge just handed ICANN another upset in the interminable legal battle waged against it by unsuccessful .africa applicant DotConnectAfrica. Gary Klausner yesterday admitted he made a mistake when he earlier slapped ICANN with a preliminary injunction preventing .africa being delegated to DCA rival ZA Central Registry, but said his…

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  • Judge throws out DotConnectAfrica’s case against ZACR

    … South African registry ZACR did not engage in a fraudulent conspiracy with ICANN to get its .africa gTLD application approved, a court ruled yesterday. The California judge in the case of DotConnectAfrica vs ICANN and ZACR threw out all of DCA’s claims against ZACR, approving ZACR’s motion to dismiss. The judge said DCA had failed to make…

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  • ZACR wades into .africa lawsuit, tells judge he screwed up

    … ZA Central Registry has told the judge in DotConnectAfrica’s lawsuit against ICANN that the preliminary injunction he granted DCA recently was based on a misunderstanding. The injunction, granted a month ago, prevents ICANN delegating the .africa gTLD to ZACR until the lawsuit reaches a conclusion. But, in papers filed Friday, ZACR points out…

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  • It’s open season on ICANN as judge rules new gTLD applicants CAN sue

    … DotConnectAfrica has won a California court ruling that will allow it to continue suing ICANN over its twice-rejected .africa gTLD application. District judge Gary Klausner ruled yesterday that the litigation waiver all applicants had to sign when they applied may be unenforceable. “The Court finds substantial questions as to the Release…

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  • US judge freezes .africa gTLD

    … A US court has blocked ICANN from delegating the .africa gTLD for at least another month. At the request of failed .africa applicant DotConnectAfrica, a California judge handed ICANN a temporary restraining order, enjoining it from “issuing” .africa. The ruling came two days after the ICANN board of directors voted to allow .africa…

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  • DCA fails .africa evaluation

    …”. Oddly, and possibly incorrectly, this status cites the GAC advice as the reason for the failure, rather than the fact that DCA failed its evaluation. Per ICANN practice, no application is truly dead until the applicant withdraws. Related posts: Read that controversial .africa letter Africa hands coffin nails to DotConnectAfrica evaluators ICANN finally publishes THAT .africa letter, makes me look like an idiot …

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  • DCA sues ICANN for fraud, demands cash

    … New gTLD applicants may have signed away all their rights to sue ICANN, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for loose-cannon .dotafrica .africa applicant DotConnectAfrica. The company has filed suit in California, trying to kill off rival ZACR’s application as “fraudulent” and demanding a load of cash from ICANN. The suit was filed January 20…

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  • Africa hands coffin nails to DotConnectAfrica evaluators

    … bad. There’s every chance that when it fails the Geographic Names Review it will simply file another Request for Reconsideration and then another IRP, delaying the delegation of .africa for another year or so. Related posts: DotConnectAfrica responds to DI .africa rant ICANN finally publishes THAT .africa letter, makes me look like an idiot Read that controversial .africa letter …

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  • More dirty tricks questions raised in .africa saga

    … DotConnectAfrica leaned on a former employee and used suspected astroturf in an unsuccessful attempt to have the Kenyan government support its .africa bid, newly published documents reveal. Evidence to the .africa Independent Review Process case published for the first time by ICANN Monday night shows how DCA CEO Sophia Bekele attempted…

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  • ICANN finally publishes THAT .africa letter, makes me look like an idiot

    … to claims by rival .africa applicant DotConnectAfrica that ICANN treated ZACR preferentially during the evaluation of both applications. It was drafted by ICANN staffer Trang Nguyen around June 25, 2013, and sent to ZACR. It was then edited by ZACR and the AUC, signed by the AUC, and returned to ICANN, whereupon it was forwarded to the new gTLD’s…

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