• 5 Interactive Content Types That Will Boost Your Results

    … the correct answer with the case study while showing how you and your peers did. They even let you tweet your results. From a marketing perspective, Behave.org increases pageviews per visitor. Example of the Raise Your Hand Interactive Content Type Using similar functionality, assessments allow visitors to test their knowledge in a way that’s…

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  • HYPERGROWTH – Book Interview

    … of internal stakeholders. Whether the underlying methodology is Waterfall, or Agile, the customer is noticeably missing. At Performable, I shifted the model to make communication with customers a priority. Under this new model, everything revolves around the customer: from what features get shipped, to what words get used on the website, to how teams…

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  • The State Of Interactive Content Metrics [Research and Tips]

    … Interactive Content Research conducted by Content Marketing Institute and Ion Interactive found that: Interactive content helped 44% of respondents achieve their content marketing objectives. BUT 43% of respondents weren’t sure if interactive content did anything with regard to their objectives. Translation: Interactive content is new and we want…

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  • Gated Content VS Ungated Content

    … leads. Gated Content Disadvantages: Reduces audience size since people don’t want to share their information. Hinders search and amplification results since content isn’t searched and less likely to get links. (BTW, as Rand Fishkin points out it’s easy to get around your gating for links.) Yields poor data. I’m surprised more marketers don’t…

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  • How 2017 Marketing Can Drive More Profitable Sales [Research]

    … What 2017 State of Inbound Marketing Means For Your Business Want your business to standout amidst a broader array of customer options online and offline? Then focus your 2017 marketing on building customer relationships by providing concierge-like service to meet your audience needs over time. Because customer experience is the new marketing…

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  • Earned Social Media Shares Trump Owned: What You Need To Know

    … Why All Social Shares Are Not Created Equal Matters Want to increase your marketing results from your social media shares? Of course you do—unless you’ve been living under a rock, who doesn’t? To do so, understand that not all social media shares are created equal. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Trust is in extremely short supply these days…

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  • Maximize B2B Blog Results: 10 Tactics You Need

    … before you know they’re in-market. Use blog posts to warm sales leads and support social media and search. Use OptinMonster (affiliate link) to support email capture. Result: RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary increased subscriptions by 520% with content upgrades and OptinMonster By contrast Drift went stopped gating content. Result: Increased readers…

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  • 8 Ways to Customize Slack for Social Media Marketers

    … Details With Drift Drift is a live chat service that can be hosted on your website. It lets you chat directly with website users. While the stand-alone product is not particularly helpful for social media marketers, its Slack app is a handy tool. Drift’s Slack integration can be connected to your MailChimp account. Once you set this up, you’ll…

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