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  • Re-engaging Old Leads With Email Workflow

    …, not just spamming them), we established two points in the workflow with branching logic to once again re-engage if needed. Each of these milestones in the campaign helped us keep the most interested leads engaged, completing the workflow and (hopefully) moving on to the sales team. For instance, if a person hadn’t opened an email in a specific amount…

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  • Mailflow: Add Autoresponders and Automate Email Sequences

    … into workflows. Mailflow Features Include Automation – Build sequences like flowcharts with just a few clicks. Map out entire campaigns visually. Targeting – Stop thinking about segments and start thinking about individuals so your messaging can be truly personal. Timing – Send your campaigns when recipients are at their most responsive…

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  • Automated Email Marketing and its Effectiveness

    … You may have noticed that we have a drip program on inbound marketing that you can sign up on our site (look for the green slide in form). The results of that automated email marketing campaign are incredible – over 3,000 subscribers have signed up with very, very few unsubscribes. And we never even converted the emails to a beautiful HTML email…

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  • Using Drip Campaigns to Boost Conversions From Content

    … Published 1 min ago 18 Content marketing has innumerable benefits. It increases your brand’s authority and visibility, helps your site rank higher in search engines, attracts new social followers and can be used in a variety of other marketing channels. But for the hard-nosed marketing budgeter, content marketing is annoying. Ultimately…

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  • 4 Elements to Drive Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

    …% increase in sales opportunities. Email Drip Campaigns – email is 3x more likely to prompt a purchase than social media. Landing Pages – using automation in conjunction with landing pages may result in conversion rates as high as 50%. Personalization and A/B Testing – personalized emails generate 6x the revenue when compared to non-personalized emails. © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • SumoMe: Lead Generation for Your Site… with Great Support

    … break down the SumoMe products. Smart Bar, List Builder and Scroll Boxmake eNewsletter signup captures simple and not obvious. SumoMe already offers customer testimonials about showing actual revenue lead traction. Leads help build your email drip campaigns by offering incentives. Content Analytics and Heat Maps provide where and how visitors…

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